1 months ago
4M 👀

I snitched on a Roblox noob and got him banned

Flamingo photo 1 I snitched on a Roblox... Flamingo photo 2 I snitched on a Roblox... Flamingo photo 3 I snitched on a Roblox... Flamingo photo 4 I snitched on a Roblox...

I love how he talked about George Floyd this man is a beautiful person right here and that’s why i stan 💜

by Adriana ._. 5 months ago

Flamingo: If I ever rob a gun store, I'll let you know.
Me: * Turns Down Volume So My Parents Dont Hear *

by The Yes 2 months ago

Imagine you’re in a intense car chase and someone just stops in front of you yelling NAHHH

by TH Footprint 2 months ago

I love how Albert is real with us and he doesn’t sugar coat anything.

by internet_wanted 5 months ago

“I’m an American.”

says the one who is driving on the left side of the road

by Anthony Dinh 2 months ago

Albert: “Hello there, can you move?” Player: “closed” Albert: “ I see a little opening here” 😂😂

by Cathy Salcedo 2 months ago

Did I just hear Albert do a Italian impression for a British person.

by Cheesy The Gamer 4 weeks ago

Albert screaming
Ad comes up of baby food
Me: ok what is the relation albert

by Strange Prizm 2 months ago

despite all the jokes albert makes, he has always been a kind and honest person. i remember in his face reveal video when he said that he likes seeing comments that say that his videos helped change someones lives for the better, so he knows he made an impact. so heartwarming. which is why i wasn't surprised when i saw the beginning of the video. you're doing great albert !!

i love how i say all of this before watching the video, and then proceed to watch albert picking on roblox kids. lmao albert is albert and we love to see it.

by -`, hanii 7 5 months ago

“They got money all over the floor”

Me: obv I do that like if it,s normal

by Mattand Mogg 1 month ago

i love how albert says he's poor but he has a million robux in his group

by shin godzillaroar 2 months ago

“He I’m bout to run this red light”
So that’s how we starting the video

by William Pimenta 3 weeks ago

I don’t understand how people hate Albert he’s literally using his fame and his fans for good to help with the situation and I applaud and if you hate Albert then there’s one reason not to😇

by C D 5 months ago

Leagends say he is still under the bridge looking for his mama

by Hackystampjr 2 days ago

It takes me a whole year to rob someone’s house and I still haven’t done it and he did it first try? >:Cccc

by MM2 Lover 4 weeks ago

He said mama but he meant to say ma’am

Edit : Albert said is this your house? THE SIGN SAID FOR SALE

Edit 2 : is that a fat joke? Your not fat

by TribalCraft 3 weeks ago

we smell guns!
me, who lives in a spanish country: spanish ppl don't, BUT I DO!

by Andrea Miranda 1 day ago

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