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I put my DISGUSTING FACE on my Roblox character...

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Today I go to Robloxian High School and use the retexturing feature to make my character very weird looking...

#Roblox Flamingo #Roblox albert

Flamingo photo 1 I put my DISGUSTING FACE... Flamingo photo 2 I put my DISGUSTING FACE... Flamingo photo 3 I put my DISGUSTING FACE... Flamingo photo 4 I put my DISGUSTING FACE...

Is it just me or does Albert get the most perfect server’s 😂😂😂

by Ch3rryT3ddy 0 2 months ago

is literally asmr

by arixlle 4 months ago

These were the fun days when the rona wasn’t around.

by Mitchell Wenger 4 months ago

“Roblox accepted this but not my actual face”

That just means roblox is trying to say you ugly

by Doubledohboy 1 year ago

wait I think that’s the profile picture for one of the students in my class. online school is amazing

by Why just why? 3 months ago

Me watching in the night trying to be sneaky
Albert talking: low turns up the volume*
Albert close up talking with effects: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH me trying to lower it faster

by Alex Seongbin Lee Moon 3 months ago


by andrew chuba 1 week ago

I dont know why but i think 2019 albert is much funnier
Than 2020 and 2021 albert I was dying of laughter XDDDD

by Aurelio Third Cameros 22 hours ago

Minds bossiness

Albert: Changes into a morph

types: 0_0 , DA F

by Cella Cella 1 week ago

I was laughing so hard, i dropped my phone three times and broke my glasses-

by French Fries . .̫ . 2 months ago

"NOOB NOTHING BUT A NOOB" the ginger bread man: "o god" XDDD

by Bubble tea 1 month ago

Idea: snatch people’s weaves and sell them at weave mart

by Violetvia _ 1 year ago

Albert: gets a Roblox glow up

Me: teies to take the perfect screenshot of it to put as my lockscreen

by PotAto gaMIng 2 months ago

i literally almost choked on my baja blast lmaoo

by Cameron Birdy 4 months ago

Girl: wait I insult a youtuber.
flamingo: ...

by ඞ poster ඞ 2 months ago

"Green is grass"

love it or hate it, he spitting facts

by Hidie 1 year ago

This part gets me everytime

by Audii-kun 1 day ago

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