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I put BOTS in a Roblox game and made them ATTACK...

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Today Real_KingBob develops a thing where I can put fake players in my Roblox game and it confuses a lot of people... especially when they attack..

#Albert #Roblox Flamingo #Roblox troll #Roblox troll game

Flamingo photo 1 I put BOTS in a... Flamingo photo 2 I put BOTS in a... Flamingo photo 3 I put BOTS in a... Flamingo photo 4 I put BOTS in a...

Idea: Make the bot an online dating cop that pretend dates someone but then starts attacking the player.


by Kermit Sniffed 1 year ago

are we just gonna ignore how that bots name is “sun flower twink”

by Twinkie Rink 1 month ago

“Okay so today I really wanna mess with ppl”
Roblox, powering imagination.

by sxfi_ee 3 weeks ago

Translation for his warning: Dating and romance images are not allowed ideas on Roblox.

by _ E 1 month ago

I love how OBANTJE is Dutch, and Albert thinks she just can't spell English words, it's so funny-

by Emo Studios 1 month ago

notice the word twink

by Pixelss 4 weeks ago

can we take a moment to appreciate the username "sunflowertwink"

by got2gomyrideishere 1 month ago

Idea: Shrink the map till everyone dies, last one that lives gets Money

by IXFallen 1 year ago

Imagine if everyone who joined watch this they would be so embarrassed they were talking to the bots XD like if u agree lol

by •Pînk_Dēvil• 3 weeks ago

Idea: lock the server and dupe the map and tp everyine to a different map lol

by Sonali Sud 1 week ago

flamingo she likes u
She(bot): ends
perfect timing

by Fatma Topcu 1 month ago

"I'm the only one in the server, FAKE"
So you're saying that you are fake?
Is this a dream then?
Are we real?
Are we fake?

by Patricia Bowman 2 days ago

Albert: “I won’t do it again”
10 seconds later: puts the game back up

by MOM SOUP 1 year ago

I love how albert called OBANTJE "OBJANTE"

by NotQueen 19 hours ago

You know it's bad when not even the wall likes you

by Simply Darkii 1 week ago

Albert: we'll put a light five thousand to start with

Me: That's a lot you know

by Niki Moon 1 month ago

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