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I pretended to be a Roblox SCAM BOT... and get voted off

#Roblox albert #Roblox funny moments #ROBLOX #Flamingo #Gaming
Today I play Roblox eviction notice with Kaden and we pretended to be Roblox scam bots and it annoyed people a lot

#Roblox funny #Roblox eviction notice #Roblox voted off #Roblox Flamingo #Roblox survivor

Flamingo photo 1 I pretended to be a... Flamingo photo 2 I pretended to be a... Flamingo photo 3 I pretended to be a... Flamingo photo 4 I pretended to be a...

There are so many comment with a joke with the "am now" thing, they are so hilarious

by Valentina Arispe 1 week ago

Mom: You didn't do your homework and you're failing
Me, an intellectual: am now

by Alex No 1 week ago

Him: what’s coming out of his legs
Me: his cash dot prize

by THUNDER STORM 1 week ago

moms: honey do the washing or no ROBUX
child: AM NOW

by Adam Soltana 7 1 week ago

Mom: “the how was school today?”

me: “am now”

by Cloudydxze 2 days ago


by OvO 1 week ago

70% of the comments trying to get hearted:

by Lovely Cat 4 days ago

Flamingo: "no one is safe on this earth"

Coronavirus: " Am now"

by Aanya Sah 8 months ago

95% of the comments: aM nOw

by SketchRex 1 week ago

Mother: cmon, take the dog out for a walk.

Me, an intellectual: am now

by slayy 1 day ago

Flamingo: “I really just wanna tell this noob to-“
Me: *writing a random story about mythical creatures and stuff on my laptop*

by Lexi Plays11 14 hours ago

Teacher: are you gonna work on your science project
Me: am now

by Dermot Mc Elchar 1 week ago

"Good yob"
"God jab"
"Am now"

by Troy Rose 3 weeks ago

The guy that went “Am now” must have more followers than am now.

by Tv doge brain 20 hours ago

Its funny how this was made one-two years ago and ppl are still watching it lol. Am now :)

by Clxudi__z3lda 2 days ago

Every time albert hears the same song or sound he goes mental and freaks out

by dipper 1 week ago

He’s saying am now because he was saying he was going to the website🥲😂

by Quinn M 5 hours ago

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