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I pretended to be a ROBLOX CELEBRITY and hired a security guard...

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Today I pretended to be a celebrity in Roblox and acted very stuck up to everyone with my security guard who is actually Kaden!

#Roblox funny #Roblox albert #ROBLOX #Roblox bloxburg

Flamingo photo 1 I pretended to be a... Flamingo photo 2 I pretended to be a... Flamingo photo 3 I pretended to be a... Flamingo photo 4 I pretended to be a...

When albert has brown hair
A red shirt

Me: *flashbacks to albertstuff*

by Tracks Tracks 11 months ago

Flamingo: “you you you you you you you you you”

Me: that was a beautiful speech

by Luna Grave 11 months ago

My favorites parts are when his security guard wrestling the people

by Shinki Wang 4 months ago

takes picture with “logaN”
Wait till he finds out he took a picture with someone better.

by K R E A M K A K E 4 months ago

the last story my grandfather ever told me....

by KingYosa. 9 months ago

flamingo: I’m gonna pretend to be a celebrity
Also flamingo: is a celebrity

by Pony sisters 11 months ago

Albertstuff fans when they read the new YT Rules: “He’ll come back after all”

by Nick Gold 11 months ago

Did anyone else notice, “Logan Paul is gay”? 😂

by rxbyy 1 month ago

Demon: Takes picture with LogaN

My head: Welp, when he sees this video, he will realise he took it with someone even better ;)

by Jess Lock 3 months ago

We will just not talk about what that salad hair said in the back-

by JakeSad 2 months ago

2019 Logan Paul "i get girlz" 2020 Logan "i get MEN"

by Jcezpz 9 months ago

Me:reads title

Also me:”pretended”?

by Gweegy Heard 11 months ago

"Logan Paul?"
"More like DeAd!"

We Stan you flim flams <3

by actxve_ elle 8 months ago

If you’re an OG you’d remember these words

“Yo Tengo”

by svyeet 11 months ago

"PRETENDING to be a roblox celebrity"
Me: Does this guy even know- I-

by NO 4 months ago

Albert: Agh, my knee!!
Auto-Generated Captions: (Applause)

by Johsey 4u 7 months ago


by emi 7 months ago

"I pretend to be a Roblox celebrity!"
Me: wait pretend?

by alioZboi 1 1 month ago

“logan likes girls”

that person was probably terrified

by boiledtoadz 11 months ago

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