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I made this Roblox girl UGLY and HE LEFT HER!!!!

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Today I play Roblox games that I have admin commands in and I use them to try to make the world a better place...

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Flamingo photo 1 I made this Roblox girl... Flamingo photo 2 I made this Roblox girl... Flamingo photo 3 I made this Roblox girl... Flamingo photo 4 I made this Roblox girl...

if u go to u will no longer be ugly

by Flamingo 1 month ago

I just love how every server Albert goes into he just knows everyone and starts drama

by avngelii 1 month ago

wedge heads should be called “Cash Register Heads”

by • Arx_tiic • 2 weeks ago


Albert: um, can you get your car out of my forehead.

by Damian Blagonic 1 month ago

Noob saying: I'm not that type of guy

After seeing her

Noob: I'm out byeeeeeee

by Jessie Playz 1 month ago

Idea for life and paradise: lock the server and pretend it’s like flicker, then every so often blind everyone then :kick someone from the server, then unblind everybody, then they vote on a murder but really it’s just you.

Credit goes to: THE CHARGER!!!
(Comment made by - THE CHARGER!!!)

by nightskies ツ 1 month ago

If only she had worn the flamingo merch.. she would NOT have been ugly...

by MRM33PM33P 1 month ago

Albert: “do I wanna wear the flimflam or the flimflam today”

Me: “how about flamflim”

by Talia TV 1 day ago

Albert: “I think I know your issue you need a wedge head”

Me: ._.

by Shane Miles 1 day ago

Albert "I'll pay u money to leave her"
Idk: "nah I'm not that type of guy"
Me: "wow"

by Tik tok edits 1 week ago

Albert: This guys hacking.
Also Albert: I don't know want to do about it.
CMDS: ...

by Bananarama TM 1 month ago

Claim your “here before a million views” ticket here

by RockkFN 1 month ago

no one mentions “bigfattunicorn” vibing in the adoption center.

by pg3d josie 1 week ago

I’m not saying that fleets is bad but- here’s the joke

Albert: dresses up as a normal ROBLOX avatar for j money

Albert always: dresses up as bacon hair or a dinasour looking thing almost all the time

by Jack Bailey 3 weeks ago

Albert: Do you think anyone respects me?

All his fans: We right here.

by Boba Tea 1 month ago

Flamingo: Is literally an admin

Also Flamingo: "Someone's hacking, I don't know what to do about it."

by Zander Kubista 1 month ago

“What kind of WiFi is this” that got me XD

by Kiki Kiki 1 month ago

Children: Hello Albert

Albert: screams in mic

by Seth Eilers 1 month ago

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