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I made the whole Roblox server mad so they kept killing me

#flamingo funny #roblox roleplay #roblox troll #flamingo #Gaming
Today I play this Roblox roleplay game called south london 2 and I start bending the rules a bit and get all the Roblox roleplayers to go against me and attack me...
play the game here but don't break the rules: https://www.roblox.com/games/4779613061

#roblox funny #roblox

Flamingo photo 1 I made the whole Roblox... Flamingo photo 2 I made the whole Roblox... Flamingo photo 3 I made the whole Roblox... Flamingo photo 4 I made the whole Roblox...

Flamingo: kills like 7 people
Also Flamingo: “nooo stop chasing me! What did I do?!”

by Toast 4eva Bubbly :p 1 month ago

“ur banned son”
albert being one of the biggest roblox youtubers, literally just using a gun to help someone, and can make more accounts and get more robux: 👁👄👁

by Amandie Pandie 1 month ago

the screen every few minutes: G L I Z Z Y O N F O R K

by Gabrielle Destin 3 weeks ago

Random person in flamingo house:""Hey THIS IS A ROBBERY"
Flamingo:Brings out his illegal weapon
The random person:Oh shoot-

by SuperManDoWork 1 month ago

that group is gonna watch this and be like IM SO SORRY OH MY GOD FLAMINGO IM SO SORRY I DIDNT MEAN TO KILL YOU IM SO SORRY'

by noe navarro 1 month ago

Albert: Mass murders several people


by Abby From Wii Sports 1 month ago

Me: does literally anything
The entire server for no reason:

by Blazer 1 month ago

“Let’s exchange insurance”

Him: “ok”

they both exchange insurance

Man: hits Alberts car

Albert: Hey, I might need that insurance back!

by Guest Explanimates 1 month ago

“No greater feeling than towering over everyone and having absolute power”-Albert
Also Albert- I deserve to banned for massive rking... but I won’t🙏

by Kayla. Holycow 3 weeks ago

Thank you editor for those eyeball blessing images they blessed my eyes.

by Official Felipe 1 month ago

people when there are 5 people beating someone to death: yes this is fine

people when flamingo shoots all 5 of them to save the person: HEY U ARE BAN

by epic bruh 1 month ago

The person who sells guns: "Wagwan fam"



by welp idk 1 month ago

albert shooting them in the head Albert: “STOP CHASING ME I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING” 😂

by ·ɨɱ ϣɑʈɕɦɨɲɠ· 3 weeks ago

"Please use common sense"
Albert: Now that I saw that, i don't think I will

by SplatKraken 1 month ago

Bacon Hair: H I

by Delta Runeez 4 weeks ago

Albert: kills people
People: kills him back
Albert: WHYY

by OBESE OVERLOLD 1 month ago

"please use common sense"
thats a message people in among us need to read

by the cheese fox 1 month ago

I wana move to Florida when the apocalypse hits just so I can see able to running around with that.

by Drop box edits 1 month ago

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