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I made Roblox's most disgusting character

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Today I play Neighborhood of Robloxia because Temprist and Jandel gave me the idea to, I hadn't known before how weird you can make your characters in this lol.
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#Roblox troll #roblox #flamingo

Flamingo photo 1 I made Roblox's most disgusting... Flamingo photo 2 I made Roblox's most disgusting... Flamingo photo 3 I made Roblox's most disgusting... Flamingo photo 4 I made Roblox's most disgusting...

You never fail to entertain me ✌️

by Yxlesi 2 weeks ago

Albert: "Hey what's up poor people."
My dad walks in: Who's this idiot? PewDiePie?
Me: No, it's just Albert being... Albert, like usual.

by K a t e死ぬはずツ 2 weeks ago

I love his voice when he does "squish" Anyone else with me?

by Melinda C 1 week ago

Eminem: "Mom spaghetti "
Flamingo 2020: "Limb spaghetti"

by Toasted Toast 2 weeks ago

idea for paradise life: put a teleporter on a bed so that whenever someone tries to sleep they get taken to a dream area with clouds and unicorns then slowly make it the worst nightmare they will ever have. Like so Albert can see

Original Idea goes to Marcus Hayes so Credit to him.

by A.J Cinnamon 19 hours ago

Fun fact: Flamingo was born on his birthday

by ShinyGhostOMG 2 weeks ago

"your pain only makes us stronger" I'm the only one who thinks this quote is kinda cool?

by Levi The Legend 1 week ago

“you want a way to not look like yourself?”
editor whoever is editing this: flips the screen
me as an artist: true

by kiyan 1 day ago

“Hey poor ppl” literally the intro

by Cool Pickles 2 weeks ago

I wonder what his girlfriend thinks when he’s recording lol

by Chinese_flipflop _ 2 weeks ago

Albert: “You know if you don’t pay your taxes for 10 years then you can get the same amount of jail time as a murderer.”
Donald Trump: 😰

by Jordan Nichole 2 weeks ago

“In her past life, she was a very cruel king.”
-flamingo 2020.
Ps we will all remember that and never forget it.

by freya grace gourley 2 days ago

"In her past life....I bet she was a very cruel king!''
-Albert 2020

by RiptideWolf 1 week ago

It’s too funny if you repeat

by 『Heyyyaay8 』 2 days ago

I would say to jackson

Ur gonna pay for my medical bill cause u hit me with ur car

by ꧁honey bear꧂ 1 day ago

my brother when he comes back from the barber shop

by Stranger Gamer 2 weeks ago

“I never sneeze” Realizes “I never sneeze on people”

by BrUh ReAlLy? 1 day ago

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