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I made a Roblox CART RIDE game... and used ADMIN to mess them up

#Flamingo admin #Roblox admin #Roblox troll #Roblox admin commands #Gaming
Get my YouTooz December 27th 3pm EST!!!!
Today I make my own Roblox cart ride game... after messing up so many people without admin commands on cart ride games, I decided to make my own!

#Flamingo #ROBLOX #Roblox UTG #Roblox Flamingo

Flamingo photo 1 I made a Roblox CART... Flamingo photo 2 I made a Roblox CART... Flamingo photo 3 I made a Roblox CART... Flamingo photo 4 I made a Roblox CART...

Albert: “I feel bad....”

Him Again: “Continues To do the same thing to other people”

by Kaylynn 3 months ago

“I don’t want this game to be soulless..”
Flamingo: Literally puts a dead squid ward

by BlxxdStone WxlfPack 1 month ago

He said "This guy is a trooper" and he really had a storm trooper hat.

by Hey Pikachu2 4 months ago

what I look like when I’m trying to be happy

by Tony McCoy 4 months ago

That Guy: Literally a Stormtrooper

by Johanna Dark 1 year ago

Imagine Albert did this when he was a kid

by awhxsoqhi 4 months ago

“Oh, he survived! What a trooper!”

Little did Albert know...

He was a trooper

by MASTER PHILLY 2 months ago

Fun fact: 98% of leg injuries occur on the legs

by NoelleThePotato 4 months ago

Cartride + flamingo


A disaster

by XblawX 1 year ago

Albert: Flushes 15K Robux down the toilet
Me: Jumps in to the sewers to find it

by Felipe 4 months ago

the God slayer thing when your transforming it's actually goku in the back ground powering up

by GMD Dang3r 3 months ago

Flamingo: "To get rid of their..."

Flamingo after I click timestamp: "BUTT!"

by LaZr 2 months ago

Idea: Make a cart game but when they are riding add disturbing things like dead bodies and blood like make it get more disturbing the deeper they are into the track

by XMace 1 year ago

Adults: spreading joy to the world and powering kids imagination!
Albert: destroys kids futures and crushes children’s dreams.......

by Justinplayze YT 1 month ago

Me: the first thing i see is his fresh beard

My mind: I like ya cut g

by Xavier Ansell 4 months ago

"Alright guys make sure to... Spongebob"
- Albert (known as Flamingo)

by The Horny Police 4 months ago

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