11 months ago
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I made a Roblox BUILDING game and destroyed their builds with ADMIN

#Flamingo admin #ROBLOX #roblox funny #flamingo roblox #Gaming
Today Real_KingBob made a building game for me that I advertised with 20,000 robux and destroyed everyone’s builds!

#FLAMINGO #roblox admin #roblox admin commands

Flamingo photo 1 I made a Roblox BUILDING... Flamingo photo 2 I made a Roblox BUILDING... Flamingo photo 3 I made a Roblox BUILDING... Flamingo photo 4 I made a Roblox BUILDING...

thanks to 0CROWNED and come_last for the idea!

by Flamingo 11 months ago

10 years later, and Violet in real life, and her friends came over and said "I like your house"....and then she gets flashbacks

by Ali.exe 8 months ago

idea for paradise life: put a teleporter on a bed so that whenever someone tries to sleep they get taken to a dream area with clouds and unicorns then slowly make it the worst nightmare they will ever have. Like so Albert can see

Copy and paste this so albert can see credit:Domenico Florentio

by LuigiPlaysWeegee 1 month ago

footage of violet having veitnam war flashbacks

by tøll treeシ 2 months ago

I felt intense joy while watching this, and I'm sure that when Violet sees this, she will feel the same. For right now, though, she hates Roblox AND Minecraft

by Pro Nickel 2 months ago

“You can’t delete other people’s builds”
I expected Albert to lock someone in his build and not let them out 😂

by •Itz_Alice• UwU 2 weeks ago


me: intense flashbacks of 'the sun is a deadly laser'

by pewpew 11 months ago

"The woman that approaches you says: Hi "

by Mousy 2 months ago

When the guy fell, He fell like that because he had the Bubbly package.

by pong32 2 months ago

Fear of building something that isnt a house.

by OrangerThings 3 months ago

“HI” Me: HI I like your house. Her: “ITS NOT A HOUSE.” Me: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Exsplodes house

by FlameGamer 2 weeks ago

Flamingo: “starts to build”
The other dude spamming: jajaja

by ConeyDev 1 month ago

the way he went *woew when he pushed it made me burst luafing lol i spelled it wrong ofc

by Itz Me Mary Playz 3 months ago

Violet:*has guests come over*

Guest: ”Wow, this is your house?”

Violet: war flashbacks

by Virtunal 11 months ago

I love how albert can have so much fun just while talking to himself really

by space epic 1 week ago

Me: sees thumbmail that kids holding hands
Also me: wait thats illegal

by Lezyl Aguado 3 days ago

I think that some people that disliked it thought it said, “BUILDING LIKE MCDONALDS.”

by AnimationTimez ! 1 day ago

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