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I made a FAKE Roblox PIGGY game...

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Today I made a terrible ripoff Piggy game on Roblox lol

#piggy #roblox #roblox piggy game

Flamingo photo 1 I made a FAKE Roblox... Flamingo photo 2 I made a FAKE Roblox... Flamingo photo 3 I made a FAKE Roblox... Flamingo photo 4 I made a FAKE Roblox...

“They’re to fat because they are pregnant”

Albert 2020

by CoolPeyton527 8 months ago

: I speak Russian so I know what they said. They said “What is wrong with this game?”

by Alex Bergmann 5 months ago

Add for pet co comes up... me: “ OOOOOOH ME WANT A PIGGY “ xD

by NoreFeathers 5 months ago

"They're too fat because they're pregnant"

-Albert, 2020 ()

by Asuke Aki 3 weeks ago

“ our your baby will get taken by the Government”. Me: stranger things reference?

by Massimo Salerno 1 month ago

Albert: "Even DenisDaily is here"

Denis: KILL ME

by JohnnyBoy9571 8 months ago

Fans: We love you too albert,

by ItzPhoenix 2 months ago

when you said speaking of pregnecy i thought you were gonna say Kristen was pregnet

by Nejire Chan 4 months ago

albert: its so fun watching people die in this *giggles*
me: i-

by anji 8 months ago

Lol albert spends so much money to advertise a game and after he takes it down and I'm like bruh 😶

by InfiniteCha0s4Life 2 weeks ago

When Albert said it looks like it’s pregnant. My POV:ohhh Albert don’t ever go thare

by Angela Frye 5 months ago

Albert: *Laughing* T-That Looks Like Tra-ash..!!

by Robloxgod1220 1 month ago

Albert:speaking of pregnancy go buy my shirt me: what the flipping crap

by Hamany Lulu 5 months ago

Make a rip-off of adopt me and make the pets look demented.

by sarah 8 months ago

DYING IN LAUGHTER "Get out of ther" LOL XD!

by Baby Andrei 3 months ago

"This chapter is difficult" Me: Wow.. Its the spongebob thing that chases after u roblox game

Me: Why not watch the video!

After: Making it into a disturbing piggy game:

Noobs: Wow. THis Is SO haRd

by keysha quinn 1 month ago

When flamingo said “a woman of culture” an ad play in between cult ure so it said “a woman of cult

by D W 2 months ago

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