7 months ago
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I became ROBLOX SAW... with my OWN GAME.

#Roblox saw #Roblox admin #Roblox flamingo #ROBLOX #Gaming
merch! https://represent.com/flamingo
Today I become the real Roblox saw because real_kingbob developed a saw game for me where I can control all of the traps!

#Roblox admin commands #Flamingo #Flamingo admin #Roblox albert

Flamingo photo 1 I became ROBLOX SAW... with... Flamingo photo 2 I became ROBLOX SAW... with... Flamingo photo 3 I became ROBLOX SAW... with... Flamingo photo 4 I became ROBLOX SAW... with...

Since that one guy said "corn game" at the beginning ask king bob to make a corn maze with jump scares and stuff (like so albert sees)

by Frosty 1 year ago

Can we appreciate how this man never clickbaits

by Cookie Crumble 5 days ago

I love the screaming in the background it is just so beautiful and satisfying

by Aia The Nightwing 1 month ago

โ€œOnce one person votes, they all go for that personโ€
Exactly like among us

by Sophie Funnehfan 1 week ago

idc if anybody doesnโ€™t like this but hereโ€™s a fact : Albert has more humor than all the humor combined

by Bartender Sister 1 month ago

โ€œOh no but no legs :cโ€ me: XDDDDDDD

by Darlene Tran 12 hours ago

The girl at the end probably thought when she clicked the gun she was gonna get it to shoot the other person

by Avery Griswold 2 weeks ago

"Once they see somone vote everybody else votes"
The People who play Among Us in 2020: congrats you have discovered time

by Shad0w 1 month ago

I love the last one cause she never cared about her friend cause she literally was voting every one lol

by AR78nal_b4ast 100 20 hours ago

โ€œNo this game wonโ€™t be about CORNโ€

eats popcorn at beginning

by Allo sarus 8 months ago

That guy just had a seizure on the computer

by raid bruh 1 month ago

didn't you all realize that albert is wearing a mona lisa shirt but her face is the roblox happy face that has absolutely no soul?

by Karma Amr 1 month ago

"Corn Game?", "No It Will Not Be About Corn."

by gaby rivera 1 day ago

king bob makes everything but nobody still notices him ๐Ÿฅบ
one like is one king bob fan starting with me ๐Ÿ˜”

edit: yo for all of you saying that liking isnt gonna make more people notice him, i thought that if a lot of people liked this it could get near the top of the comment section and more people would see this and acknowledge him. Thats why i said "one like starting with me". I dont care about this getting famous for myself. I just thought I could've spreaded awareness or something.

by natalie 1 year ago

Hey the girl who got SACRIFICED from the gun might had thought "oh a gun lets shot everyone with this" but reality she got killed

that girl that survived is a demon.

by Aron Lugi Aiden 64 1 month ago

Albert: this is not your normal game.

Yeeshe: corn game?

by Owen Flowers 1 month ago

Albert: Welcom to...
Yeeshe: corn game?
Albert: Not, this is not a...
Danilka: SCP 334!!!!!
shooting noise

by Le monde vu par ilias 2 weeks ago

The part when he said where is the key the golden one was a picture i saw and actual key..


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