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Hiding as random objects in Roblox...

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play here: https://www.roblox.com/games/5002210114/Kitty-Hide-And-Seek
follow my ig: https://www.instagram.com/albertsstuff/
Today I play Roblox Kitty's prop hunt/hide and seek gamemode!

#roblox #Roblox albert

Flamingo photo 1 Hiding as random objects in... Flamingo photo 2 Hiding as random objects in... Flamingo photo 3 Hiding as random objects in... Flamingo photo 4 Hiding as random objects in...

My mom is always LITERALLY like “who is the little girl screaming?”

by A Robloxian YouTuber 2 months ago

1 like = 1 smart for the chef kitty that doesn’t know how to decorate.

by The Edible Community 2 months ago

Albert: turns into green book "What even is this? Is this a spinach sandwhich?"

by Medium Fries396 2 months ago

“What if instead of saving humanity, it turned him into a lamp?”

by Crabludio Official 2 months ago

Albert: “I can’t fit trough the door, I’m too fat!”

by ari 2 months ago

Albert: How do you straighten yourself up?
Shift Lock: * SiGh *

by Zizzy Paradise 2 months ago

What is this, like a spinach sandwich?" "Oh it's a book"
Albert 2020~

His last two brain cells finally kicked in😔

by Amiyha Boyd 2 months ago

Everyone : Paying attention
Me : *Admiring his robux*

by Kaoi* 1 month ago

Albert: "Tower of Hell "
Me: Whats a Tower of Hell

by Margaret Flynn 2 months ago

We should give this man respect he uploads two vids in a day and he never gets tired what a true man always stands up to his fans

Edit : you guys really are respectful to albert

by XXDARK MOON 2 months ago

Kitty’s backstory (My AU)
There was an alley kitten once. He was abused and made fun of. There was a boy with a loving family named Aiden. He usually got bullied at school. One day when he was walking to school, he saw the kitten. He picked him up and he took him everywhere Aiden went. Aiden named him Kitty. His mother hated him. One day they bought a new house and on vacation was where they barely went but when they went Kitty wasn’t aloud to go. Aiden’s mother said that we were going on vacation, but they were really moving. They left without him and soon there was a mice infection. Kitty was 13 years old when the mice came.

by xxSimple Sweetxx 1 month ago


by Krystal Kaleikini 2 months ago

People who don’t know flamingo: That’s mean he called us idiots
Flamingo Fans: I have just been blessed

by Moonlight Plays Roblox 2 months ago

Albert: Hrrrrrh

Me: Was breathing through my vitagen bottle

Albert: That was my stomach growl

Me: WTF-

by Ai Fang Ng 2 months ago

Albert: itschickenosity
Also albert: that sound like a deceased

by sayra mejia-negrete 1 month ago

Whats this a spinnage? OH- ITS A BOOK. Im crying when he said that xD

by • Cqmly • 2 months ago

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