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cleetus is too fat for roblox cart rides...

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Today I play Roblox cart ride games and see how they've changed, where I find Rdite's cart ride game and find a really great way to... interact with people

#roblox flamingo

Flamingo photo 1 cleetus is too fat for... Flamingo photo 2 cleetus is too fat for... Flamingo photo 3 cleetus is too fat for... Flamingo photo 4 cleetus is too fat for...

My dad calls Albert “Mr. Screamy”. And every time I watch a flamingo video my dad always says “how is Mr. screamy doing” lol

by MrGalactic 2 months ago

When Albert Was Born:
His Father: “Holy pepperoni he’s gonna say dada!”

”Die Idiot.”

by E F 1 month ago

5 year olds playing power rangers at the park

by The Dogester 1 month ago

Make a cart game where its really lengthy but then when you get somewhere in the track, you’ll get teleported to a random part in the track.
When they (somehow) manage to get to the end, they will get teleported somewhere halfway through.
The ending has multiple paths that the track splits into. When you choose the wrong path, you’ll be sent to the start of the split path.

(Reward them with robux because it’s difficult.)

by Chilkist 1 month ago

Albert: only stupid people play this game. Three seconds ago: joins and then plays game

by epicSK 1 month ago

Albert probably saved someone from a child predator and doesn’t even realize it

by Boba 2 months ago

“He’s never played in two years”

He’s been watching a lot of flamingo then

by Freetoz 1 month ago

Fun fact of the day: “go take the Devil’s phone number”

by Epic gamer Guy 2 weeks ago

Did anybody realized he had fake blood on his hand.

Or maybe real...

by Oofy 2 months ago

Albert: "Cart ride games have the dumbest people playing them." Him: JOINS

by Cloudy 1 month ago

No matter how SERIOUS life gets, you still gotta have that one person you can be completely stupid with.

by AshBenjT 1 month ago

Is literally Everyone Exiting school

Cleetus jeebus 17 likes: (edit)
Cleetus cultus 30 likes: (edit 2)

by Migit_ Man09 1 month ago

“Charlie can do it al”

Marley from Marley and me can do it al

by BoredMatt 1 month ago

“What gender are you?”

Like: Attack helicopters
reply: Other

(Have a wonderful day)

by Flazzyfn 2 months ago

People: What is that red?
Me: Thats just red paint.

by Samuel Friede 1 month ago

he is trying to do the stunt jumps from nfs undercover XD

by mr gamer 1 day ago

Oh, albert still has the blood of the people he killed in island life on his hands, nice

by Rafal Chmielewski 1 month ago

Me who is new to watching Flamingo: looks at merch
The merch: is $46

by alexandria waning 1 month ago

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