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Blowing up their Roblox house and making them mad

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thanks kaden for showin me this lol today I play da hood on roblox and find the rocket launcher

Flamingo photo 1 Blowing up their Roblox house... Flamingo photo 2 Blowing up their Roblox house... Flamingo photo 3 Blowing up their Roblox house... Flamingo photo 4 Blowing up their Roblox house...

Every kid hood user:*Zombie Package*

by ToxicJim 2 months ago

Albert: Wholesome content only on my channel!
Albert 1 second later: *stomps someones head, spewing blood*

by ATHXRVA - ROBLOX 2 months ago

If someone is shooting really accurate they are a really good โ€œpRoโ€ or have aimbot

by That Rat In The Corner 1 month ago

When albert used pillar men theme

Jojo weebs: โ€œwe rule this comment section now!โ€

by Banana_Bob09 Roblox 2 months ago

Canโ€™t wait to say only the og fans will remember his old office

by Kylo 2 months ago

When you show me the sewer thing I know that I know that one me and my brother or finding it but I didn't have enough money to find some stuff

by Steven Kane 1 day ago

Hears the music he played during the โ€œRESPECT THE VETSโ€ video ah nostalgia

by Rose Bygrace 2 months ago

This is deleted scenes of Jojo Part 2 of the 5th pillar man

by Davianortis 1 month ago

Every child in this town with cancer is going to need more than a charity to get their treatment.

by Rohnan Bentley 2 months ago

I couldnt get it to work so I just went back to using - opcodes . top

by De Pr 1 month ago

The people who have bypassed audios have the combined iq of a brick wall

by Aelloner 4 hours ago

Albert: shoots like 5 people with an RPG

gets jail time

Albert: wHaT dId I dO?!

by Javier Baldenegro 2 months ago

When Albert used the pillar men and jojo reference: auto Matic sub

by Aiden 2 months ago

when Albert started watching jojo

by ben betlog 2 months ago

when i saw this video i was like: โ€œoh, that sounds like da hoodโ€ then clicked on it and saw he was playing it-

by - C r a s h e d - 2 months ago

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