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Bad Roblox dad

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Today I take random people in a stroller away from their friends. Which makes me their father I think

Flamingo photo 1 Bad Roblox dad Flamingo photo 2 Bad Roblox dad Flamingo photo 3 Bad Roblox dad Flamingo photo 4 Bad Roblox dad

I honestly was super creeped out and almost died of laughter when flamingo put that one player in the stroller and he smiled LOL

by 2kbrxkenhxrts 2 months ago

Why isn’t anyone talking abt the chickens and eggs at the end...

by 『StxrmySkys』 2 months ago

"you know what helps with depression, being sprayed with a fire extinguisher." "feel any better yet edd?"

by Acklin Ackface 1 month ago

"This isn't a trash-talk video- this is a real talk video."

The new quote of the year.

by Marcia Ashton 2 months ago

"We're going back to 2016 Roblox"

albertsstuff intensifies

by Chirpyyy_ 2 months ago

Flamingo: throws someone down hill
Happy music intenseifys

by The BCA Channel 2 months ago

"This game is bad,
that's why they have bots."



by Simon Chaput 2 months ago

Albert: presses best side Cool girl: bends over. Albert: realizes and tries not to mention Also Albert: Yes iT Is My bEsT siDE WHeN I H AVE a buTt

by Charlotte Bobby brown 1 month ago

Plot twist: that girl wasn’t afk, she was just going with the flow for Albert

by Arcade XD 2 months ago

I literally died of laughter at the ned, when the vacuum swallowed that egg

by Eszter Timár 1 month ago

Flamingo: Takes 2 second pause of no talking
THEN: Screams into mic
Mic: dies

by Bridget Johnson 1 month ago

windows 10 notification sound plays
random girl: “get out”

by InfinityChips 2 months ago

Flamingo is the only person that understands my insanity

by Sophia 2 months ago

Video idea:
In life in paradise make a store that looks normal, but then when they enter they fall through the floor and enter a store where the only thing they sell is baby’s and dead animals.

Like so Albert will see!

by Alien riots 2 months ago

"me when i'm trying to remove the infant"

by natzu 2 months ago

'me when im trying to remove the infant'

flamingo:drowns the baby*

me:hm he glad he is happy

by girly of cheese c: 2 months ago

oh my god that scared me so badly HAHAHA josie is my name and he said "GET JOSIE" and i was like "wait did i hear that right" and i rewinded it a bit and rewatched it and saw someone named josie with the same exact spelling LMAOO

by novalights 2 months ago

"i used to make comments on roblox girls butts"

by tori 1 month ago

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