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Albert the Roblox doctor

Flamingo photo 1 Albert the Roblox doctor Flamingo photo 2 Albert the Roblox doctor Flamingo photo 3 Albert the Roblox doctor Flamingo photo 4 Albert the Roblox doctor

Causing people pain brings joy to Albert's eyes

by kal Cookies 5 months ago

albert: kills everyone in the server

Also albert: ”what i even do?”

by YikesXavier 3 months ago

Him: I don’t fell good
Her: breathes heavily
Her: vommitting

by Toy dark Foxy35 1 week ago

Albert: Don’t be like me

Us rat children: Too late.

by Draxlum 5 months ago

Albert: "and there was a doctor pointing a gun at my head the whole time"

Me: wait, so he isnt going to say "Just kidding"? 0-0

by PigzSayOink 3 months ago

"Let's see if there are any other hot hospital games." -Albert 2020

by Spiderissh 2 weeks ago

Alternate title: A grown man talks about his childhood troubles for eleven minutes and nineteen seconds

( No hate, love ya Alberto )

by - CløudCøre - 3 weeks ago


by Rachel Lee 1 week ago

Idea: In Life in Paradise, put a teleporter on a bed so whenever someone tries to go to sleep, they get taken to a dream area with clouds and unicorns, then slowly make it darker, by adding storm clouds, or getting rid of unicorns, then take them to a nightmare room where you spawn in monsters to chase them.
Edit: This idea was originally requested by Jellytinn Rollin.

by WOMBLEBeast 5 months ago

Albert:Alright take me to safety

Doctor: Nope

by CxddlyBearヾ 2 months ago

Flamingo:*shoots guy* “There, I think that will solve it.”

by Zicker & J Master 4 weeks ago

The game: the most realistic Roblox hospital
Me: I am not sure docters are blasting 90s and shooting coronavirus

by Kid Who loves dogs 3 weeks ago

Albert: Florida is a gun state

Me: but where is the trigger

by Furiousdevil 21 2 hours ago

albert commits mass murder at a hospital gets kicked “what’d i even do” 😩

by PSYCHO CLAN!! 5 months ago

”P90 Assualt rifle.”

it makes me mad that they got the gun class wrong. It’s an smg AND THE GAME IS D U M B

by Crucxfied 3 weeks ago

Albert: Florida has a lot of guns
Texas: Lemme introduce myself

by Skittle Pockz 3 weeks ago

albert: if i were a parent i wouldnt love my child either, i wouldnt ever say the words i love you but i would still raise him... not her

alberts fruture daughter: ;-;

by StormEye 0-o 4 days ago

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