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Albert's new merch made something terrible happen

#Flamigo #Albert #flamingo funny #Flamingo #Gaming
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WOOOO it's out finally out we've been working on this forever lol I hope you ppl like it. If not then you got a unique vid out of it woo
"90’s TV Music”
Written and Performed by George Streicher
Courtesy of G.W. Streicher Music

#Flamenco #flamgo

Flamingo photo 1 Albert's new merch made something... Flamingo photo 2 Albert's new merch made something... Flamingo photo 3 Albert's new merch made something... Flamingo photo 4 Albert's new merch made something...


by Flamingo 1 month ago

“Honey, the neighbor is throwing Mannequins over the fence again. “

by No One 1 month ago

Imagine being a thief and breaking in to his house and you see a guy doing this...

by BLX Luck 1 month ago

Kirsten watching the intro like: 👁👄👁

by Imran Hussain 1 month ago

So we just gonna ignore the Sonic Kissings behind albert

by Rainy Rey 1 month ago

He should make a shirt/hoodie that says “E”
Like if you agree

by Kimberly Price 1 month ago

punches tv on a tree
“Mommy who’s that?”
“That’s uhh-“
“That’s our neighbor..”
“Don’t watch him sweetie”
(Albert now)
throws mannequin off roof

by Junko enoshima 1 month ago

Man i can’t stop looking at Felipe’s girlfriend’s shirt I have to go buy some new epic merch

by Crisp bacon And egg tacos 1 month ago

uh, everyone's talking about the neighbors perspective on the matter.


by Charles Calvin 1 month ago

Fun fact: Albert recently found his old friend on roblox years ago he found him and contacted him and his old friend helped him make the commercial

by Bwer89 1 month ago

The first part would make a cool real ad

by Armen Armen 1 month ago

Albert: throws mannequin and rips apart then kissed

Neighbors: O.o

New neighbors: honey......why is this dude ripping apart mannequins..........

by XxluxlightxX 1 month ago

Albert:*kisses things*


by TC thomas 1 month ago

no one:

not even albert:

me: here is my short film teacher

by Im Bored 1 month ago

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how you promote merch.

by Hey Mensen 1 month ago

Albert needs to win an Oscar for this beautiful piece of art.

by Cosmic Breyers 1 month ago

the neighbors watching albert throw his mannequin wife off the roof: honey, call the moving van

by Arlene Ramirez 1 month ago

Hey Albert I just wanted to let you know I’ll be putting this on most of your videos, don’t let anybody bring you down. You are funny, amazing, and sweet too! You are a amazing youtuber and person in general. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of you💕 P.S were the blisters <3

by unicorn lady 1 month ago

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