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Today I finally play Friday Night Funkin, a genuinely amazing and cute Ruth’s game! It auto corrected to Ruth’s game but I meant rhythm game sorry I’m too lazy to delete it despite typing this being a lot more effort anyways yeah it’s a great game made by some very talented and creative people

#Friday night funkin

Flamingo photo 1 Albert plays FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN’ Flamingo photo 2 Albert plays FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN’ Flamingo photo 3 Albert plays FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN’ Flamingo photo 4 Albert plays FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN’

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also sorry for so many quiet parts in the vid i legit cant focus and talk at the same time lol

by Flamingo 1 month ago

mommy said this was the big boy game

by GavinTV 1 month ago

"The only way to get to his heart? Kissing him"
-Albert 2021

by Purple Girl 5 days ago

“You’re waking up in 5 hours”

most magical words ever

by Icy Cake 4 days ago

Albert: "This game is so cute"
Me who has seen the winter horrorland update: 👁👄👁

by FintyFlow 6 days ago

albert not even five seconds later: i suck

by •fatcat• 6 days ago

man that game hurts my brain ;-;

by HeyItsJames 1 month ago

"He looks like Satan"
"He's hairy and has evil eyes"
Ah yes, the defining trait of Satan, hairiness

by Toma Horațiu-Andreas 2 days ago

“ This is a really difficult song”

Every gamer in existence : “I’ve been there”

by Gamer Master 2 days ago

Skid and pump when flamingo called them babies: “he doesn’t know it’s spooky month”

by Question Mark 4 days ago

who else was smiling at the fact that our lil baby albert finally got good at something other than making us laugh and killing ppl?

by DatKingYT ;-; 2 days ago

DONATE MODE your so nice bro 😭🔥

by Learnkids 1 month ago

Albert: "these characters are so cute
Also albert:physically goes to hit his moniter

by funny lolbruh 2 days ago

Albert: These songs have adult names so I will not show them.
Also Albert: talks about death and dead dogs and murder

by heatbax 1 day ago

These characters are so cute🥺
1 sec later

by Alejandro Hernandez 5 days ago

Albert behind the scenes: talks to people saying he’s making flamingo Friday night funkin merch

by S̸p̸e̸e̸d̸y̸ 2 days ago

petition for albert to get a punching bag in his office:

by cloupxl 1 month ago

Flamingo: lifts hair
Also flamingos mind: gamer mode activated

by Attack Drone 1 day ago

Me at south waiting for him to deal with mom: you think this is hard? Wait till you deal with the mother especially with mi—

by A Randomkitsune 1 day ago

"Im a gaming God"
2 seconds later
"I literally suck"

by Loonyclipse 5 days ago

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