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Albert / Flamingo plays HUMAN FALL FLAT

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Temprist channel: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCRW4Sm1HFRav63dhB1jEIRg
Today I play human fall flat with Temprist !!

Flamingo photo 1 Albert / Flamingo plays HUMAN... Flamingo photo 2 Albert / Flamingo plays HUMAN... Flamingo photo 3 Albert / Flamingo plays HUMAN... Flamingo photo 4 Albert / Flamingo plays HUMAN...

Why do I find Temprist's voice so calming?

by Haylee O 1 months ago

Temprist’s voice: Indoor soft voice
Albert’s Voice: Vocal Cords are breaking by the second

by Emma Ath 1 months ago

Flamingo: hahahahahahahaha join me join me join me

Temprist: *baby noises*

Flamingo: with deep Voice *tEmPrIsT*

by Mr Mark 4 weeks ago

Why do I always get a “Jake from State Farm” ad when watching Albert’s videos?

by Maryem Jeffery 1 months ago

Albert: trolls little kids every single day and finds it funny

Temprist: "it's funny to see you struggle"

Albert: "No!"

by N o b o d y 1 months ago

A = Amazing
L = Lovely
B = Beatiful
E = Excellent
R = Roblox god
T = Talented

This is for you albert UR MY IDOL FORVER💕🥺💕💕💕💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️❤️

by Shiro_ Tero 1 months ago

we just aren't going to talk about how alberts name is bean man

by Cats and Dogs 1 months ago

Temprists voice is adorable his laugh is adorable everything he does IS ADORABLE 🥺❤️

by Strawberry Milk 1 months ago

U should've recreated ur meme that goes "IF U LUV ME LET ME GOOOOOOOOOOO"

by durryboi 1 months ago

It's good to see Albert didn't skip leg day.

by Pup The Girl 1 months ago

Hey Flamingo. There is a game on steam called Garry’s Mod and I really recommend playing it. It is a sandbox game that you and your friends can play. As a video idea I really want to see you playing this game with Temprist. I think it would be funny. If other people like the idea like so Albert can see.

by Bananyer 1 months ago

This is a take back from almost a year ago “ vegetables Hulk”

by Terraria Man 1 months ago

Albert a year or two ago: I think I’ll just put my face on one of these characters for my face reveal! Albert 2020:

by Initial Garry 1 months ago

daannngggg Albert got some pHaT leg muscles

My guy got some thunder thighs like I could never

by I am Walter 1 months ago

I want to get a 1 hour-version of Albert saying at the Start HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE

by ChocoBunny UwU 1 months ago

Albert and temprist: Struggles
Me: Amateurs...

by DerpSicle 1 months ago

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