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Albert / Flamingo plays GANG BEASTS

#Flamingo funny moments #Albert #Flamingo gang beasts #Albert funny moments #Gaming
Today Kaden and I play Gang Beasts and we had a lot of fun lol what other games should him and I play together?

#Flamingo funny #Gang beasts #Albert funny #Flamingo

Flamingo photo 1 Albert / Flamingo plays GANG... Flamingo photo 2 Albert / Flamingo plays GANG... Flamingo photo 3 Albert / Flamingo plays GANG... Flamingo photo 4 Albert / Flamingo plays GANG...

I love how there’s happy music and everybody is killing each other

How did I get this many likes

by goldfish 1 year ago

I watched this at 3:14 AM and It legit got me laughing my head off

by Rhianne Carpio 6 months ago

Albert:don’t let go
Me:*thinks back to another video* “if you love me let me gooo

by LIT Toasted 9 months ago

Albert: I think it’s an insane asylum playing this game
Opponents: HO HU HU

by IQ Magician 7 months ago

"I have nothing in life, let me have this."

6.22 Million People: Am I a joke to you?

by Scaredy Silverpants 7 months ago

Albert: * plays gang beasts *
Floppy fighters: "You took everything from me"
Albert: "I don't even know who you are"

by Ivan14XYU 1 year ago

“Let’s Kill the old lady”

He has such a way with words.

by Dylan Dugan 3 months ago

when you and your friend were having a conversation And a noob comes up…

by Yeety Yeet 9 months ago

"We practiced on many old lady's for this" - Albert
Me lol

by AstronautEnder 8 months ago

Kaden and Albert team up: the other players team up: Albert: THATS ILLEGAL!!!!

by Andy Dailing 8 months ago

Me: watching this after school

My mom: who’s screaming down there

Me: ummmm no one

My mom why do I here screaming

Me: turns down phone volume

by 《HONK》 1 year ago

recommendation: play “Human Fall Flat”

by Dark Glazer 7 months ago

That rock ‘n’ roll guy was me they killed me

by Taven L 13 hours ago

"Hey! Help me up, help me uppp!"
[Steps on Kaden's head, drowning him]

by Mazlier 3 weeks ago

Kaden: I think If we smash her head into the glass it will break...

Albert: ScReAcHeS

by Dank E 7 months ago

Me: sees albert play gang beats.

Me again: well ears lets get ready for this!

by Itsm5sam Loves U 1 year ago

Not a single soul:
Not even Albert’s scream:
The ad next to the video: tWiTtEr iS tURnING iNtO a KaReN! A BiG fAt OL’ kArEn

by Marilyn Alvarez-Bryant 7 months ago

me when a relize that i am going to bed and forgot to claim my streak on Tower defence sim and was 1 day from platnium crate

by DYNAMIO 193 9 months ago

"IF I HAVE WAITED, TWO SECONDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
really got me laughing lol
also timestamp:

by alex Dlt 1 day ago

Brother: "flamingo is so cute!!"

Flamingo has left the chat.

by VeD_BO1 7 months ago

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