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Albert / Flamingo does surgery

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SUB TO KADEN!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqzDGKtN9dw7YlVrsWnz-rA
Today I play Surgeon Simulator 2 with one of my best friends Kaden! Watch as we perform a surgery on Bob or whatever

#Surgeon simulator 2

Flamingo photo 1 Albert / Flamingo does surgery Flamingo photo 2 Albert / Flamingo does surgery Flamingo photo 3 Albert / Flamingo does surgery Flamingo photo 4 Albert / Flamingo does surgery

Flamingo: "It says he needs a new heart"

Also flamingo: proceeds to rip off arm

by jack is a poop 1 month ago

don’t u just hate when u accidentally rip off someone’s limb
yeahh me too

by aaa !! 1 month ago

Alternate title: two grown men laughing about tearing off people’s limbs and organs

by Braeden Bunya 1 month ago

"we were not relevant enough to get early access like DanTDM" LMAO 🤣

by Haha yes die trash 1 month ago

kaden: I once ripped off a head too

by Patty Cakes 1 month ago

“If you want us to save Julian again”
he says while violently ripping his limbs off

by Koi Bubbles 1 month ago

Me watching the vid:
My brain: leg man, how can I make that into a Roblox avatar

by Honey Bear 1 month ago

IDEA for a admin trolling vid!
Not entirely mine

Be someone's imaginary friend and start getting agressive and easily offended over time

When he or her get a new friend or bf/gf you appear and kill them saying " I'm the only friend he needs"

You say "I am your friend, the only one you need" if he say something like "I dont want to be your friend anymore" or "Go away" or fight whit you you do one of these:

1.*Start destroying the map using the natural disasters commands*
I . EarthQuake((Natural disasters))
I I . That gun in UTG that makes what was shot deleted

2.*Take him/her in a small room whit blood writed messages like "I am your friend" , "The only friend you need is me " or " Dont forget me"*

3.*Use the " Ultimate Trolling Gui" to turn into something scary and make the map night, foggier and darker...after all that start killing people...everyone excluding him/her*

4.*You use the "Ultimate Trolling Gui* to turn into sometuing scary and follow him or her and kill the ones that gets close to him or try to be his friend*

5. Nuke the map + 1

1 2 3 4 and 5 were my ideas!
If u want to suggest something replie!

Update: i reached 100 :0 this is the most amount of likes i ever got
Btw thanks for all the kind comments everyone is making in the replies!

Update((2)): 200 likes! Everyone in the replies are so kind! Thx again and i hope this idea gets in the video :D

Update((3)): 300Now! Whit enough hope this reaches him!

by Caio Araujo 2 months ago

other doctors: ok we need you to relax
albert: ripping limbs off

by Peaky Foxx 1 month ago

“5 little humans jumping on the bed”
“one fell off and now he’s dead”
“Flamingo called the doctor”
“And the mrflimflam said”
“Rip of his leg and replace it with a head”

by Labeccagail Layne 21 hours ago

"1M likes and we'll do this again!"

4 days later: *111k likes*

Me: "Physco paths!?"

by Blue Barry-Elite 1 month ago

Kaden: hits dudes ribs with tea kettle *

Albert: rips dudes head off*

Me: 😐 - 🥴 - 🤣💀

by Sarah Richardson 1 month ago

Yes this is the PERFECT game for Albert, he can take his anger out on the patients and they have nothing to do about it.... :3

by Ann Knight 2 months ago

Albert: “rips out limbs and fails the surgery ”
Also Albert: properly just a glitch

by A Beautiful Angle 1 month ago

my brother: how are they strong enough to rip limbs off with their bare hands
me: I-

by SomeLil'P 1 month ago

"Flamingo does surgery"

What flamingo fans hear: "Flamingo kills a man"

by Breanna Jerry 1 month ago

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