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Albert cried while playing Roblox...

#Roblox story #Family #no swearing #Roblox reaction #Gaming
lol wow albert couldn't take it towards the end of this video. He's so emotional wow he's cute too wow man i kinda like this guy

#ROBLOX #friendly #Roblox albert #no cursing #Roblox flamingo

Flamingo photo 1 Albert cried while playing Roblox... Flamingo photo 2 Albert cried while playing Roblox... Flamingo photo 3 Albert cried while playing Roblox... Flamingo photo 4 Albert cried while playing Roblox...

me looking at the Title: Albert is crying?
me looking at the thumbnail: wait...why are his eyes bleeding?

by Christian GamingYT 6 months ago

Seeing flamingo cry was like the weirdest thing for me bc hes always laughing

by Zompiggy :D 1 month ago

I couldn't even imagine how hurt I would be if I saw him cry in some sort of pain

by Kylie Troutman 2 weeks ago

flamingo: "if i start crying ill get more views"
me: starts crying in my own chanel

by ItsLikeePlayz 2 weeks ago

for yall who clicked to see albert cry

by softx cloud 1 month ago



by FarAwayHorizon 3 weeks ago

When you started crying my eyes were watering

by Galaxy Wolf 1 month ago

me: watches this*
also me: Watching albert cussing compilation and old albertstuff videos*

by Froggity 1 day ago

Flamingo starts crying
Me: puts merch on and hugs screen don't cry buster

by Ashley the Communist 6 months ago

"no if i cry i get more views..." - Alberto Aretz or whatever his last name is

by Shirley Guzman 4 weeks ago

I am still laughing so hard from when he said “ima be denis daily” then could not get it so he said”huuuuuuu”

by DJ that Mask 3 weeks ago

"ive been having alot of trouble with the video since springtrap from five ni- Fna- FffFFfF-"

Me: cries in fnaf

by miathomp lloyd-thompson 2 weeks ago

R o s e
“Its all clear now,”
“But Where am I going to find flowers..?”

by lidavid nogger 3 days ago

Albert: talks about tifany mayumi

Me: oh I thought she died.

by Angelica Katharyn 1 year ago

Fun fact: people disliked cuz they hate seeing flamingo crying

by Ziri niKa 5 hours ago

only you can see this information
reality: 1M+ people viewed it

by MikoPlays 2 weeks ago

Me: Albert can cry, welp I’ve seen it all

by Lan Man 3 weeks ago

“Recommended for you” i guess youtube wants me to cry too
Edit:annnoy the edit
edit 2: annoy this too

by purple 7 months ago

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