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The Undertaker Takes Care of Business While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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Mark Calaway is the Undertaker—a 7x World Heavyweight Champion (in WWF and WWE), and one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. His five-part docuseries ‘The Last Ride’ is currently airing on the WWE Network. On November 22 he'll be giving his "Final Farewell" at ‘Survivor Series,’ the same event where he made his wrestling debut more than 30 years ago. How will Big Evil match up in this rumble with the wings of death? Find out how the trench coat-wearing Deadman fares in the scoville inferno known as Hot Ones while answering questions about his early days performing under the name Commando, backstage locker room beef, the zen of motorcycling, Mike Tyson’s impact on professional wrestling, and how he wants his fans to remember him. Will the Lord of Darkness ascend from hell and survive the hottest hot sauces to ever enter the ring, or will he be buried alive in the chicken bone graveyard? From Death Valley… The Undertaker!
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Most ambitious crossover event ever.

by kenanK TV 6 hours ago

Sean’s knowledge of his guests is second to no one except probably nardwuar. Must feel good when they say “nobodies ever asked me that”

by Mitchel Paulus 2 hours ago

Feel like your not a real wrestler if you don’t say “brother”😂

by Joey Tribbiani 2 hours ago

Undertaker to the wings: “You will, Rest In Peace”

by Matt Jazzy 2 hours ago

Undertaker retiring really has let him become himself, Mark Calloway the man is a damn nice guy.

by John Doherty 1 hour ago

Undertaker is the GOAT. No argument.

by Wrestlelamia 5 hours ago

I went to elementary school with one of his daughters and he got up on stage and made a speech at our 5th grade graduation and started tearing up. Craziest sight I’ve ever seen in my life.

by Brayden Watts 1 hour ago

"You're the first person who's ever asked me that question."

Sean probably got so much joy to get the Undertaker to say that

by RahmenNoodles 48 minutes ago

"I'm hungry and I like bourbon." That's like me 80% of the time.

by chuck wilson 2 hours ago

What an intelligent, articulate, friendly, 6'10, 300 pound bear.

by John O'Neill 2 hours ago

What a ride it has been, thank you Taker!

by Conman167 3 hours ago

Imagine if he would have done this whole interview in character not saying a word 😂

by Maxime Reiser 2 hours ago

Use me as the "I really thought he was dead whilst growing up" button

by JustAGuyfromLDN 1 hour ago

It feels so weird but so sick that he's out of character, childhood me is confused LMAO

by Slight Fear 1 hour ago

This just shows how great of a human being The Undertaker really is. His career has been nothing short of legendary.

by 07jordie 1 hour ago

This dude is enjoying retirement as he should he’s given so much, and it’s cool to see this side of him.

by Andrew Moran 4 hours ago

Can’t believe Taker didn’t say Bret, Mr. Perfect, or someone else as the best technician. Benoit would’ve shocked me most.

by alexander the awesome 2 hours ago

The look on his face when Sean asked him about performing as “commando” was amazing
That shits not even on wikipedia thats how thorough Sean is

by Svresh 24 minutes ago

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