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Antoine Walker questions the Clippers' focus after loss to the Suns | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

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Antoine Walker joins Nick Wright and Kevin Wildes to discuss the Suns 117-115 upset over the Clippers. Antoine explains why he questions the Clippers' focus and how this will impact their championship run.
#FirstThingsFirst #NBA #Clippers #Suns #KawhiLeonard #DevinBooker #AntoineWalker.
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About First Things First, Nick Wright, Kevin Wildes, and Jenna Wolfe team up on First Things First, a discussion and opinion-based studio program that covers all the headlines weekdays on FS1.
Antoine Walker questions the Clippers' focus after loss to the Suns | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST
First Things First

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First Things First photo 1 Antoine Walker questions the Clippers'... First Things First photo 2 Antoine Walker questions the Clippers'... First Things First photo 3 Antoine Walker questions the Clippers'... First Things First photo 4 Antoine Walker questions the Clippers'...

When he hit that shot over the flippers I was so happy for him nice job Devin

by Low Distortion 1 month ago

It’s alway going to be an excuse with the Clippers. Lakers lost to the defending champs and the media had a field day and the sky was falling

by Chris Lindsey 1 month ago

Nobody else is keeping that same energy about the Clippers. It's crazy. It's like the media is trying to make them out to be this unbeatable God Squad.

by BakuGOAT 1 month ago

Their lack of focus starts with their 'leader'. Whoever that is...

by King Larr 1 month ago

put some respek on Devin Booker name

by willemdee 1 month ago

Its quite something when the Clipper bandwagoners are making excuses for their Jordan/Pjppen esque Duo of Kawhi and PG

by vinnythewebsurfer 1 month ago

when the lakers lose its the first topic on every show, when the clippers lose....

by Jakeem 1 month ago


by Stakk 1 month ago

Nick, are you just gonna dismiss Clippers beating the top teams this season. Clippers sleep on bad teama all season long, Kings, Hawks, Suns. Relax.

by onidtubes 1 month ago

Lou "Lemon Pepper BBQ wings" Williams LOL

by Tan Tan 1 month ago

We lost by 2 and Zubac had a bad turnover a few seconds before great shot people acting like D Book ain't that guy on offense give credit where credit is do

by Active Shadow 1 month ago

Nick’s voice kills my soul

by Jesse W 1 month ago

I'm gonna cry when book leaves Phoenix man fr 😂

by DEMARBIEUX ME 1 month ago

Lol the Clippers would sweep these boys If they really needed too
Did Nick have this energy when Raptors had their foot on the Lakers Neck? Lool bias media boyy

by John Blaze 1 month ago

Nick gets too emotional for me to take him seriously

by Dashawn Jordan 1 month ago

Phoenix suns had their number all season

by John Anderson 1 month ago

I really want the Clippers to win the Finals just to see Nick Wright's reaction lol

by Porter Fernandez 1 month ago

Wow Nick is actually onto something here. I'm shocked.

by roclaren 1 month ago

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