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Leroy vs Blasphemi 2,500HP Grudge Race! Finnegan's Garage Ep.110

#Autos & Vehicles
You asked for it-on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, in the comments of Cletus McFarland's videos, in the comments of my videos. You've wanted to see my supercharged 1955 Chevy Bel Air Gasser, Blasphemi, line up against Leroy The Savage, Cletus' turbocharged Corvette. Well, we finally made it happen! We both made our way to Paradise Dragstrip in Calhoun, Georgia, recently for a best two-out-of-three grudge match. The two-step action was on fire! The dragstrip was uphill! I did a reverse burnout (transmissions hate that so don't try it at home.)!
It was an incredible day at the track and I can't thank Cletus, Cooper, Spenser, Brandon and Newbern for all the laughs and the help..
Stay tuned for more adventures. Get fresh gear at https://www.fsmgarage.com

Finnegan's Garage photo 1 Leroy vs Blasphemi 2,500HP Grudge... Finnegan's Garage photo 2 Leroy vs Blasphemi 2,500HP Grudge... Finnegan's Garage photo 3 Leroy vs Blasphemi 2,500HP Grudge... Finnegan's Garage photo 4 Leroy vs Blasphemi 2,500HP Grudge...

Can we all appreciate Finnegan wearing a full fire suit, helmet, and Vans? Lol

by braveraxeblade 3 months ago

I love these two together, seems like such a natural friendship.

by TheeLobStar 3 months ago

"Unload that hovercraft so we can get to the race car."
Man. You talk about a 1st world problem.

by Robert Funk 3 months ago

" Ever seen a backward burnout ? You just did, you're welcome ! " Mike Finnegan 2020 :)

by Andrew Murray 3 months ago

i feel like im cheating on cleetus by watching this here first

by Matt G 3 months ago

I feel like ol David frieberger was uncle Finns "hotrod mentor" and now uncle finn has graduated and taken on a young apprentice in cleet

by Josh Langdale 3 months ago

Cletus was pulling turbos off and unpluging everythign he could to drop enough horse power to let the race be good haha

by Jason Lund 3 months ago

"Either watching porn or tuning the car" to some of us those two things are one and the same 🤓 talk nerdy to me!

by Lowrider Bug 3 months ago

To The 1% Reading This
I hope you all have a great day and achieve all of you dreams ✨

by Combative 3 months ago

I can’t believe how strong that guy was to push the car down the track like that

by leonidude 3 months ago

"We're pretty sure one of them is leaking internally" while one of them is extremely leaking externally, lol.

by Delivery McGee 3 months ago

Now do it again on a track thats actually prepped

by AttilaTheBung 3 months ago

Can we talk about homie's beard? He ought to be in shampoo commercials.

by Matthew Dunn 3 months ago

I love how straight your steering wheel ain’t

by GERMAN JESUS 3 months ago

The sounds those cars made together was killer! “The sound of my people”

by Luke Teverino 3 months ago

"They leak internally"

All hydraulic systems have minimum of 5% BEST CASE SCENARIO.

by bat man 3 months ago

Quit yer screwin around and put the Sonny’s Hemi into Blasphemi

by Peter Southern Boy 3 months ago

That wasn't a drag strip. That was a Slip 'N' Slide. Y'all are gonna have to re-do that race on a track with some grip to get a proper result.

by Haplo Teromaximus 3 months ago

" Ever seen a backward burnout ? You just did, you're welcome ! " Mike Finnegan 2020 :)

by CHARLIE EXCLUSIVE 3 months ago

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