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Finnegan's Garage Ep.60: Blowouts, Rusty Gas Tanks and The World's Longest Ramp Truck!

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I'm calling this a ramp truck because if you open up the roll-up door, inside the 24-foot long cargo box is a pair of ramps to park a car on. Also, to load the car atop the truck you have to drive it up...drum roll please...ramps. lol..
Anyway, in Episode 59 of Finnegan's Garage, David Newbern and I flew to Cincinnati to buy this 1989 GMC Sierra 3500 truck, which had been converted for race car hauling duty way back in 1990. We probably paid too much for this pig but with only 35,000 original miles on the odometer she needed no lipstick. There's hardly a scratch on this truck and although she broke down almost immediately and we spent 7 hours on the side of the road in the rain, we still love her even if we don't have much love for the seller..
This video gives you a great look into what it was like making the journey from Indiana to Georgia and all the fun we had meeting fans and battling a dead battery, rusty fuel tanks and sketchy tires..
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Finnegan's Garage photo 1 Finnegan's Garage Ep.60: Blowouts, Rusty... Finnegan's Garage photo 2 Finnegan's Garage Ep.60: Blowouts, Rusty... Finnegan's Garage photo 3 Finnegan's Garage Ep.60: Blowouts, Rusty... Finnegan's Garage photo 4 Finnegan's Garage Ep.60: Blowouts, Rusty...

You shouldve told him ill sell u the plates back for 10k ๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ˜‚

by Jose Ibarra 1 year ago

"Don't do that to me" lol guy knew that instant he made a mistake asking about that plate!

by Hard Ostrich 1 year ago

This episode got it all. Laughter, anger, disbelief, excitement, adventure. Pure entertainment.

by Nick Rutte 1 year ago

Roadkill without the budget and without the film crew to save the day.

by MakingTechSense 1 year ago

Maybe you should invest in a AAA PLUS road service membership.
Good thing youโ€™re not into collecting and messing with vintage airplanes.

by Jim G. 1 year ago

this is the best ROADKILL episode i have seen since they are not on youtube anymore

by DarkItachi1 1 year ago

I like how the ad said 80% tread Michelin tires but the bad one was a uniroyal

by Eli Renigar 1 year ago

Nobody ever describes vehicles accurately. Runs good, means runs good in my driveway, haven't drove it out of the driveway in 10 years.

by Car Groves 1 year ago

You said the tires were dated late 90's? I'm gonna guess late 80's.
Tread doesn't mean anything if the tires are more than 10 years old.

by tosdude 1 year ago

Well now you see why they lost their racing business

by Wayne Brogdon 1 year ago

"If it spits it out just grab another one" David Newbern - 2019

by Steven Laxton 1 year ago

Alarm bells started ringing as soon as you said it had been sitting in a warehouse.

by Dave Price 1 year ago

I live 3 miles from that bridge in Greendale Indiana and I to also almost died on that bridge. I had borrowed my sisters car and the passenger front tire and rim came off as came down the hill from Kentucky. That bridge is a very scary bridge to breakdown on! I just wish I would have known this when it happened I would have loved to help you out.

by Bradley Gilpin 1 year ago

Finn, man, I used to live about 20 minutes from Osgood, IN. The dude being an ass and a scheister is basically par for the course for that whole part of Indiana.

by A Sealyon 1 year ago

Moral of the story: Always haggle, no matter what

by Diddy Doodat 1 year ago

Seems every roadtrip with Finn is an unintentional episode of Roadkill...

by priit mรถlder 1 year ago

im sorry im now just catching up on stuff, but damn you threw me into a laughing fit with that "I'm on vacation" line and the context.

mike, props to you for being easy going, your stuff is genuinely funny without trying and unlike other car youtubers.. you teach the right way of doing things.

also, this truck has got to be the ugliest vehicle ever produced... in the best way possible.

by BrannDailor 1 year ago

Duramax Swap with the Allison trans in this one !!

by Corey 01 1 year ago

Always an adventure with Finnegan. Love the content, sorry about what happened on the drive back. Shady seller for sure.

by crazyfella984 1 year ago

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