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TOP UPCOMING HORROR MOVIES 2020/2021 (Trailers).
00:00 Halloween Kills
00:35 Morbius
03:15 Saw Spiral
04:55 The New Mutants
07:14 Candyman
09:46 Antebellum.
10:45 A Quiet Place 2
13:16 Antlers
15:28 Relic
17:47 The Woman in the Window.
20:12 Train to Busan 2 Peninsula.
22:02 You Should Have Left.
24:46 Amulet

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FilmSpot Trailer photo 1 TOP UPCOMING HORROR MOVIES 2020/2021... FilmSpot Trailer photo 2 TOP UPCOMING HORROR MOVIES 2020/2021... FilmSpot Trailer photo 3 TOP UPCOMING HORROR MOVIES 2020/2021... FilmSpot Trailer photo 4 TOP UPCOMING HORROR MOVIES 2020/2021...

Which Horror Movie Are You Most Excited For After Reopening Theaters?

Halloween Kills
Saw Spiral
The New Mutants
A Quiet Place 2
The Woman in the Window
Train to Busan 2 Peninsula
You Should Have Left

by FilmSpot Trailer 2 months ago

husband: if you say his name 5 times he appears in the reflection and it kills you
wife: who would do that?
white people: candyman candyman candyman candyman candyman

by Juicy P00p 2 months ago

"Who would even say that"

cuts to a group of white teen girls

by Taylor Ambrose 1 month ago

Jared leto real pissed they killed his joker he went for the killer batman

by Jasmyn 2 weeks ago

Sorry, but i can't take a horror movie seriously when i keep imagining Marty the zebra as a main character

by Jimmy Livas 1 month ago

“Welcome to the kill count! I’m James A. Janeese and today we’re looking at”

by Presley :p 2 weeks ago

Samuel Jackson said "mother*cker" I'm watching it.

by October Ward 1 month ago

Finally most of these movies might actually be good, I'm so ready for antlers

by Goretician 1 month ago

Finally they're making a Wendigo movie (AKA "Antlers")

by Toasty Devil 1 month ago

Coming Probably Never to a Theater Near You At This Rate.

by vsgfilmgroup 2 months ago

Train to Busan 1- Dad and his daughter trying to escape from zombies to a safer place.
Train to Busan 2- Teenage drama with Pacific Rim 2 tone.

by Gagana Perera 1 month ago

New Mutants was supposed to come out three years ago.... IT HAS BEEN POSTPONED LIKE TEN TIMES :(((

by bjrk 1 month ago


by Min LeStrange 1 month ago

THUMBNAIL creature is in New Mutants... youre welcome

by Xander Kenta 2 months ago

The beginning of the trailer for Antebellum looks like a tampon ad, and the rest looks like how period actually feels

by Ana Scarlet 1 week ago

Candyman is an OG film to be lots of wonder!!

Quiet place 2 seems to be way better than the first one!

by ΞGoDzBullΞ 1 month ago

okay lyke Jordan peele just created 3 masterpieces xD

by Michael Kun 2 weeks ago

The thumbnail is more scary than the actual Trailers

by IzukuPlaysRblx 2 months ago

I like how they use the movie Spiral and Chris had the “saw” in his hand just like the first saw iconic

by heyitsadriannna 1 week ago

“The Woman in the Window” is clever.
I really hope it’s original and it isn’t just her going insane.
But the idea that she stay inside her house all the time, she couldn’t really prove anything that she doesn’t let in

by Alex Dunkley 3 weeks ago

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