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00:00 Morbius
02:41 James Bond 007 No Time To Die
05:16 Top Gun 2 Maverick
07:32 Fast and Furious 9
11:25 The King's Man
13:45 Black Widow
15:18 The New Mutants
17:35 Wonder Woman 1984
20:00 Jungle Cruise
21:59 Ghostbusters 3 Afterlife.
24:27 Tenet

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FilmSpot Trailer photo 1 TOP UPCOMING ACTION MOVIES 2020... FilmSpot Trailer photo 2 TOP UPCOMING ACTION MOVIES 2020... FilmSpot Trailer photo 3 TOP UPCOMING ACTION MOVIES 2020... FilmSpot Trailer photo 4 TOP UPCOMING ACTION MOVIES 2020...

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James Bond 007 No Time To Die
Top Gun 2 Maverick
Fast and Furious 9
The King's Man
Black Widow
The New Mutants
Wonder Woman 1984
Jungle Cruise
Ghostbusters 3 Afterlife

by FilmSpot Trailer 9 months ago

So Morbius got his powers from bats instead of coronavirus.

by googleislame 9 months ago

Should be called: "ALL THE MOVIES FROM 2020 THAT YOU WON'T SEE UNTIL 2021"

by JunkBoxHero 9 months ago

I would like to see a MOVIE with TRAILER quality from start to finish.................

by Rohan Harrison 6 months ago

I used to be s double 0 agent just like you, then i took a bullet to the knee.

by aaron versionwo 7 months ago

Pretty sure Morbius is how Covid 19 started.

by Darin Pirkey 9 months ago

Morbius - Stop messing with these Bats, we had enough of it in 2020.

by Lefty Besty 8 months ago

no chance of seeing these in the cinema as we are on lockdown

by Jason Sagar 9 months ago

remember when the fast and the furious was about street racing?
pepperidge farm remembers

by Richard Mattison 9 months ago

The only one that's acting is "special effects."

by Anthony White 9 months ago

The Kings Man, i.e. we screwed up so bad on the sequel to the first that the third will be set in the past before we messed everything up.

by B Redfern 9 months ago

Last part should be: "delayed due to coronavirus outbreak"

by Pfizer 9 months ago

Director: "how much more over the top should we go?"
Fast 9: "yes"

by Bme Films 9 months ago

Title: 2020 Movies that you should have seen... BUT, prepare for them in quarantine pending 2021

by Kenneth Benjamin 8 months ago

Remember when Fast and Furious used to be about street racing?

by Darkray16 9 months ago

Well, whenever the BOND film comes, I'll be a happy camper!

by slimdudeDJC 8 months ago

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