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GREENLAND Official Trailer #1 (NEW 2020) Gerard Butler,Morena Baccarin Movie HD

FilmSpot Trailer photo 1 GREENLAND Official Trailer #1 (NEW... FilmSpot Trailer photo 2 GREENLAND Official Trailer #1 (NEW... FilmSpot Trailer photo 3 GREENLAND Official Trailer #1 (NEW... FilmSpot Trailer photo 4 GREENLAND Official Trailer #1 (NEW...

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Ech hoffen, datt dëse Saz ophält. Dofir gitt Dir zréck op normal

by Alisha 3 weeks ago

so basically what we are living right now but with more action

by Faustino Zabala 1 months ago

So they just spoiled August for us 😳

by Jesus Illavel 1 months ago

Definitely looks better than Hunter Killer and Geostorm! Those were awful movie choices for Gerard and he deserves better.... this looks like it

by Pokes 98 1 months ago

Damn. I'd like to see Henry Cavill's Superman go up against an extinction level meteor event like this (Panic in the Sky). Warner Brothers, you really screwed up by not giving us Man of Steel 2.

by Madcat4301 1 months ago

Such a great trailer
I am waiting for watching

by Ali Nizami 1 months ago

This is so awesome! I’m definitely watching this!

by Dooms day 1 months ago

Just in case your wacked out life drawer didn't have enough odds & ends- here's Greenland.

by John L 1 months ago

Now this is the type of movie that could legitimately happen which is frightening...

by Fresh Potatoes 111 1 months ago

Apocalyptic movies about the earth being destroyed
The earth in the movie:🇺🇸

by Wait_who_asked 2 weeks ago

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