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BEST UPCOMING MOVIES 2020 & 2021 (New Trailers)

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BEST UPCOMING MOVIES 2020 & 2021 (New Trailers)
00:00 Monster Hunter.
02:15 Black Adam
03:15 Raya And The Last Dragon
05:17 Croods 2
08:35 Wonder Woman 1984
10:56 Halloween Kills
11:34 The King's Man
14:01 Dune
16:59 Free guy
19:34 The Addams Family 2
20:29 Skylin3s.
22:34 The Suicide Squad 2
24:36 The Batman.
26:57 TheEmptyMan
28:28 songbird
31:15 Justice League Snyder Cut.
33:47 Freaky
36:30 The Witches
38:42 The Tax Collector.
41:03 Once Upon a Snowman.
42:04 Jiu Jitsu.
43:47 Hubie Halloween.
46:42 Survival Games

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Which Movie Are You Most Excited For?
Monster Hunter
Black Adam
Raya And The Last Dragon
Croods 2
Wonder Woman 1984
Halloween Kills
The King's Man
Free guy
The Addams Family 2
The Suicide Squad 2
The Batman
Justice League Snyder Cut
The Witches
The Tax Collector
Once Upon a Snowman
Jiu Jitsu
Hubie Halloween
Survival Games

by FilmSpot Trailer 2 months ago

Is there any release date to Wonder-Woman 1984? It seems Netflix has the upper hand lately.

by AA VFX 2 months ago

Plane: exists

Rathalos: And I took that personally

by feroze haider 1 month ago

Heh, I see I have nothing to lose sitting home on quarantine))

by Artem Morozov 5 days ago

This COVID movie is a bit to close to the real thing in timing for my taste. Creating even more negative emotions will serve to raise bad things in this already messed up world

by gggggjkhgjhffdghfjh 1 day ago

Songbird - when it's 2021 and we're almost 2% there

by Ryan Sweeney 4 days ago

after seeing those monster hunter trailer , i remember those GATE anime , a bunch of soldier transfer to another world .

by G. Tom 23 hours ago

Call of Duty : Resident Evil- Land of the lost

by ThePigeonmilk 3 weeks ago

No one talked about the King's man? Why? I hope I did not miss anyone.

by yu ouyang 5 days ago

Dune had better be 3 1/2 hrs to 4 hrs long as it has more content than all of the other movies combined.

by Voodoodaddy Reece 1 week ago

To be honest, Suicide Squad 2 has a Mystery Men vibe to it. Speaking of Mystery Men, there needs to be a sequel like asap

by bhl10 2 months ago

Skyline 3 reminds me so much of Destiny. The aliens even look like Hive.

by HCLI 1 month ago

You had me at Nicholas Cage. Take my money!

by Bill Pigg 1 month ago

By the time the first of these films is released most of us will be in a nursing home... ๐Ÿ˜ฃ!

by No One 2 weeks ago

The well-groomed pancake logically moan because frown hooghly punish below a motionless arrow. wandering, historical fold

by lil venti 1 day ago

It's sad the lack of creativity in Hollywood these days :(

by Nestor Sanchez 2 months ago

AHAHAHHA dude, seriously I lost it when I saw that woman in a fur suit on Wonder woman.

by Galkhiel 3 hours ago

lmao karate predator with nick cage. amazing, just amazing.

by erock rocks 1 month ago


by Yusnani Yusoff 1 month ago

who's here after most of these movies came out

by D Vision 3 weeks ago

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