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Films Included .
00:00 Morbius
02:41 Minions 2 The Rise Of Gru.
05:32 Venom 2 Let There Be Carnage
05:55 Top Gun 2 Maverick
08:12 Fast and furious 9
12:04 The New Mutants
14:21 Wonder Woman 1984
16:46 Black Widow
18:18 The Batman
19:13 No Time to Die
21:49 Jungle Cruise
23:48 Ghostbusters 3 Afterlife.
26:15 Rumble.
28:03 Peter Rabbit 2 The Runaway
30:20 Spiral

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FilmSpot Trailer photo 1 BEST UPCOMING MOVIE TRAILERS 2021 FilmSpot Trailer photo 2 BEST UPCOMING MOVIE TRAILERS 2021 FilmSpot Trailer photo 3 BEST UPCOMING MOVIE TRAILERS 2021 FilmSpot Trailer photo 4 BEST UPCOMING MOVIE TRAILERS 2021

Which Movie Are You Most Excited For In 2021?
Minions 2 The Rise Of Gru
Venom 2 Let There Be Carnage
Top Gun 2 Maverick
Fast and furious 9
The New Mutants
Wonder Woman 1984
Black Widow
The Batman
No Time to Die
Jungle Cruise
Ghostbusters 3 Afterlife
Peter Rabbit 2 The Runaway

by FilmSpot Trailer 6 months ago

saying its a cure then having bats dash at people may not be the right advertismeent after 2020 lol

by Robot 6 months ago

So we're all just gonna ignore the fact that venom wasn't a trailer

by Kind Of Demons 4 months ago

Fast and the furious went from street racers to avengers 🙄

by Tony Makgale 2 days ago

Remember when fast and the furious used to be about street racing!!!

by John Corluka 3 months ago

the venom 2 trailer is literally nothing but the release date and the title

by Axzel 1 day ago

The new mutants looked like a horror movie more than a marvel movie

by Mac Yeezy 1 month ago

When the stranger things cast are in movies I just think its stranger things but from another perspective 😂

by Elena Sucks 4 months ago

The grotesque bangle bilaterally peep because bass weekly vanish throughout a smooth america. ashamed, superficial hawk

by Marco Ng 1 day ago

The Fast And Furious movies get more and more idiotic.

by Jason Binnebose 2 months ago

morbius: the tale of how the first person got corona and turned into something more than sick.

by ITZ-J 6 months ago

so were gonna ignore the fact that hes a batman with actual powers

by Edith Mercedes Shaw 3 months ago

The next movie for fast and furious should be Fast 10: your seat belts

by Juuzou x2 3 months ago

anyone see in the first trailer murderer was graffitied over spider mans picture

by Andra Lee 3 days ago

I really like anti hero venom more than villain venom I think it fits his character more

by Mr Skellly 4 months ago

Plot Twist: Fast and the Furious 10 reveals: Barack Obama is Doms Dad

by Lasse deB 6 months ago

lol when i saw the Morbius trailer and saw the bat on the table i was like "is this gonna be some covid-19 conspiracy movie?!?!😂"

by Nicholas Johnson 5 months ago

I can't believe they are making a morbius movie. He's definitely going to be in the new spiderman movie

by WildKnight 2 weeks ago

When you see Samuel L. Jackson and just wait for his favorite curse word...lol

by Joel Seguradone 4 months ago

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