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Here are our top upcoming movies 2020
00:00 Infamous
02:16 The Wretched
04:15 Antebellum
05:25 The Outpost
07:32 Force Of Nature
10:00 Becky
12:00 Valhalla
13:41 Body Cam
15:12 Train To Busan 2: Peninsula
16:44 The Blackout: Invasion Earth
18:30 Z
20:03 Think Like A Dog
21:57 The Color Rose
22:58 Exit Plan

#Action #The Blackout Invasion Earth #Drama #movie #2020 #The Color Rose #Sci-Fi #trailer #Becky #Horror #Infamous #Train To Busan 2 #The Wretched #Antebellum #Unhinged #Force Of Nature #filmselect #Exit Plan

FilmSelect Trailer photo 1 TOP UPCOMING MOVIES 2020 (Trailers) FilmSelect Trailer photo 2 TOP UPCOMING MOVIES 2020 (Trailers) FilmSelect Trailer photo 3 TOP UPCOMING MOVIES 2020 (Trailers) FilmSelect Trailer photo 4 TOP UPCOMING MOVIES 2020 (Trailers)

boi 2020 is a movie on its own

by rayum486 3 months ago

Who else came here because the thumbnail looked like another Purge movie was coming out? ๐Ÿ˜†

by Exalted Marauder 3 months ago

i like how all the films a horror / serious films, and then it cuts to a film trailer of a talking dog.

by the dna master 3 months ago


by Vision 3 months ago

I canโ€™t wait till about 10 years when they make 10 horror movies about the first month of 2020

by Red Es 2 months ago

I have never seen so many bad trailers in one sitting at once...until now.

by MM 3 months ago

For people who say there copying " Natural Born Killers" have you never heard of "Bonnie and Clyde"?

by Jim Yarbrough 2 months ago

The thumbnail looks like the next purge movie

by MOVIETALK 3 months ago

Becky is just a rated R version of home alone, change my mind.

by Tsm_shax 2 months ago

Hollywood keeps on milking generic military movies โ€œoutpostโ€ looks as if black hawk down shitted out spoiled food.

by starkiller ink 2 months ago

Holy shit! Every single one of these looks absolutely terrible

by xPHATSNAPSx 3 months ago

The first trailer looks like a milked Bonny and clide movie

by Leonardo Frias 2 months ago

The first part of the antebellum trailer feels like a fragrance commercial

by LiamQuantum 3 months ago

Just wait in the future theyโ€™re gonna make a whole movie of 2020 itself

by jimnsmochiii 2 months ago

They just coping off natural born killers I don't think Hollywood has had a original idea in ages they just regurgitate ideas gone before.

by Michael Donovan 3 months ago

I need to get out of Florida, itโ€™s such a small town lmao. You lost me already.

by A JJ 3 months ago

Bruh Z scared the shit outta me, I can deal with zombies and mutations, just not unholy shit.

by Starlight Dawn 2 months ago

Infamous looks as though it combined natural born killers with kalifornia, defo not watching. Hate copycat films

by Higher Frequency 3 months ago

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