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The boy looked so handsome and the girl looked stunning.

by Christina Soriano 6 days ago

this is going to trigger a lot of people lmao

by David Ellison 1 week ago

This movie was REALLY GOOD, it has a deep message to every person that beauty is not something that you just see and princess is not has to look skinny, because Every girl is beautiful no matter how hard her weight, or what colour her skin. Even if you colour skin is green like princess fairy in the beginning. And witch is not always look bad and princess is has to be look good. Like wtf everyone is always kind with beauty face not the beauty person. Thanks

by Mulya Utari 3 days ago


At first I thought the movie was going to be about FAT SHAMING BUT IWAS WRONG. The movie talks about how to learn to love yourself and your flaes and it's not all about looks that matters the most but what is on the inside.

As a person who truly loves and criticize films, this movie is worth a watch. It's humorous, great script, and it keeps you enjoyed and feel the characters within the movie.

I dont particularly watch movies like these because I THOUGHT IT WAS CLICHÉ but it wasn't. Give it a try and you'll be mistaken of your judges.

by Casseendee Styr 3 days ago

Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs (2019)

I loro stati di salute
rispettivi prevenirli.......??

by Azzie Pratama 1 week ago

Okay lionsgate I can see you trying to overpower Disney.

by Prisius Nicholas 1 week ago

not enough people talkin about how smokin hot this cgi chick is. Uncanny valley be damned.

by jdogsful 1 week ago

wait, i have watched this thousand times.
what year is this? what.

by Za Kimura 1 week ago

It a shame it suffered Financial issues because of one poster.
A YouTuber by the name of Saberspark talked about it in his video.

by Dragnel0 GenerationX 1 week ago

Aye finally a chubby princess 😁

by AniMice 1 week ago

They arnt even her shoes she lying to the dwarfs... hahaha

by Zion Sky 1 week ago

after all these years they now release it

by 619_ GIMP 1 week ago

When it said chloe grace Montez I was like I know that name I googled it and she was in Carrie 2013!

by Gacha Candyfloss101 5 days ago

Made a fat woman skinny,

say an old woman hates her for being young

Have several men say they have to kiss her.

Have a man hit her

Then spinkle in a message about loving yourself.

Yep this isnt going to go well.

by morning morality 1 week ago

the only reason I might see this is because it looks really funny.

even then, I don't think any cinemas near me will even show it

by NightWraith76 1 week ago

Wasn't this already released last year? I remember watching it

by Karen Zhen 1 week ago

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