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PINOCCHIO Trailer (2020)

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First trailer for Pinocchio

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So this is what happened after WW2

by Dr. Venture 1 month ago

For those who don't know, Pinocchio is a story written in Florence, Italy by Carlo Collodi in 1883. Pinocchio was NOT invented by Disney!
This is an Italian film, with Italian actors, and produced in Italy.

by Яuяal Squiяяel 1 month ago

For everyone: THIS IS NOT A DISNEY REMAKE!!!! It's an italian adaptation.

by Ricca x863 1 month ago

Anyone else thought it was gonna be a horror movie from the thumbnail, or just me? Lol

by Colton Huddleston 1 month ago

I thought this was Guilmero Del Toros version cos it looks like a horror film.

by Owen 1 month ago

Yo my sleep paralysis demon is getting a 2nd movie, 1st cats live action now this

by Fardeen Riyadh 1 month ago

Can people just stop assuming that this is a Disney remake


by 「Banana Bird Kagameme」 1 month ago

I'm glad it's coming before Disney made their remake, but the english dub sounds pretty bad. I'll definately watch it with subtitles.

by Brejan 1 month ago

I'm Italian, I've seen it a few months ago: it's a pretty solid movie, great actors and great costumes

by Olmo Giovannini 1 month ago

I'm legit excited for this, cause it isn't a Disney adaptation

by OneUpNerd 1 month ago

If this was a disney remake, it would have featured Epstein's island

by # WeAreOne 1 month ago

I'm glad it's not a Disney remake... I can't see another Beyonce character lol

by Jermaine Martin 1 month ago

"I always tell a lie."

This statement is paradox

by hellatze 1 month ago

"what's going on with my nose?"

by David Nobre 1 month ago

this is still lowkey so dark.

by -ˋˏ maya 1 month ago

Idc what people say about this trailer or movie, it looks more promising than any other of the resent movie trailers.

by Call Me Cloudy 1 month ago

Some things just shouldn’t be live action...

by CJE 1 month ago

Could be a horror where his nose grows and impales people

by Sinister 66 1 month ago

so basicly:
2002: Roberto Benigni played as Pinocchio
2020: Roberto Benigni played as Geppetto
i hope this one be better than the last one....

by Andika Rachman 1 month ago

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