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NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2020 | Weekly #26

#filmselect #Yes God Yes #The Silencing #Antebellum #Entertainment
New movie trailers released in the past week
00:00 Greenland
02:28 Ava
04:36 The Silencing
06:45 Waiting For The Barbarians
08:35 Antebellum
10:36 The Broken Hearts Gallery
13:08 Yes, God, Yes

#The Broken Hearts Gallery #Waiting For The Barbarians #movie #trailer #Ava #Greenland #Thriller #2020 #Comedy #Disaster #Horror

FilmSelect Trailer photo 1 NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2020 |... FilmSelect Trailer photo 2 NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2020 |... FilmSelect Trailer photo 3 NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2020 |... FilmSelect Trailer photo 4 NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2020 |...

New movie trailers released in the past week

The Silencing
Waiting For The Barbarians
The Broken Hearts Gallery
Yes, God, Yes

by FilmSelect Trailer 4 months ago

2020 is like a horror movie for us so it's okey

by sa ra 4 months ago

We all knew Greenland was the safest place to be.

by Dubliam 4 months ago

AVA trailer just revealed the entire movie...

by Sjade Staleyj 4 months ago

Plague inc players always knew that Greenland was the safest place

by ItsJamMan 4 months ago

Me after watching AVA'S trailer: well, no need to watch this anymore

by master chief 4 months ago

All of the movies in this list that don't have asteroid impacts severely need them.

by willd3rbeast 4 months ago

I'll never understand the "my family is more important than yours" plot device.

by David Allen 4 months ago

Don't get why they make these "Netflix" style "trailers" that show you the whole freaking movie. Example: AVA.

by T L 4 months ago

I really wanna watch the 1st movie💯😭

by Taz Gaming 4 months ago

Not enough social distancing in these trailers

by Ray W 4 months ago

Greenland is basically the 2020 version of "2012" disaster movie. This one is a fiery end vs. watery end. Lol!

by Mohsen Raghian 4 months ago

Greenland is just deep impact and 2012 movies mixed into one

by Pinkie Love 4 months ago

This is why you make sure you talk to the Vault-Tec rep and don't send them away

by Cylon Toaster 4 months ago

The Season Finale of 2020 will be the Apocalypse.

by First Last 4 months ago

meteor decimates central Florida.
Floridian Karen: i want to talk to your manager...

by calencor 4 months ago

what year did they write and film Antebellum, and how did they know it was already trending

by whatadollslife 4 months ago

When is the plot in Greenland actually going to happen? So I know when to start celebrating.

by Sister Ulicia 4 months ago

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