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MONSTER HUNTER Trailer (2020)

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Trailer for Monster Hunter starring Milla Jovovich

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FilmSelect Trailer photo 1 MONSTER HUNTER Trailer (2020) FilmSelect Trailer photo 2 MONSTER HUNTER Trailer (2020) FilmSelect Trailer photo 3 MONSTER HUNTER Trailer (2020) FilmSelect Trailer photo 4 MONSTER HUNTER Trailer (2020)

Trailer: Based on the worldwide phenomenon
2020: Seems accurate

by Jamie Tch 1 month ago

Did they just show the ending in the last clip? What's the point of watching this? Might as well just watch the original Predator movie. Same start and finish apparently.

by Marc Boutin 1 month ago

Its like Resident Evil meets Pacific Rim. Its "Resident Rim".

by Alex Roberson 1 month ago

2020: How can I piss people off even more?

by Date Masamune 1 month ago

Milla is a very underrated Star, but thats probably why she lasted so long too.

by Patrick Collins 1 month ago

She is cursed with the resident evil virus, plus she seems like she is immortal in this movie.

by KSUNOFFICIAL 1 month ago

"Only in theaters in December" Lets see how that turns out

by Jeffrey Muljadi 1 month ago

The graphics look incredible, but story looks insanely generic

by Lu The Gamecat 1 month ago

"The bigger they are, the harder to kill" hฤฑmmm, interesting corelation.

by merve karcฤฑ 1 month ago

Really? Just throw big monsters, fantasy-looking weapons and call it Monster Hunter smh

by Jack 1 month ago

"only in theaters"

LOL, yeah sure guys. Be seeing you on Netflix...

by Peter Ross 1 month ago

Resident Evil presents Pacific Rim without Robots because who needs Robots when you've Milla Jovovich

by nagaonkaronly 1 month ago

"So we're like guardians of the galaxy now?" No. No you are not.

by Glenn Ford 1 month ago

Milla,Never Gets Old.

Still Looks The Same As She Was Some Years Back On Resident Evil.

by kelvin mugo 1 month ago

Resident evil community to he monster hunter community
"Now you share our pain"

by Mike Jones 1 month ago

This looks like one of my new favourite "This is the Best Crappy movies ever!" Picks ๐Ÿ˜‚

by wastedkitten 1 month ago

Resident Evil : Monster Hunter

by Faiq Ikram 1 month ago

Almost every stereotype and trope I could think of and this is just the trailer. The monsters look cool, but I think itโ€™s gonna be total shit.

by That Guy 1 month ago

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