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GREENLAND Trailer (2020)

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Trailer for Greenland starring Gerard Butler


FilmSelect Trailer photo 1 GREENLAND Trailer (2020) FilmSelect Trailer photo 2 GREENLAND Trailer (2020) FilmSelect Trailer photo 3 GREENLAND Trailer (2020) FilmSelect Trailer photo 4 GREENLAND Trailer (2020)

I’m glad Hollywood is putting out feel-good movies in a time like this.

by guzzoid 2 weeks ago

2020: hey can i bring a disaster?
Earth: only a spoonful
2020: brings out a catastrophically large spoon

by special here 1 weeks ago

Producers: “Mr Butler, how many disaster movies about the end of the world u did so far?”
Gerald Butler: “Yes”

by Was Kammer 1 weeks ago

Observation: Humans enjoy watching movies about their own demise.

by p0rkchop Films 1 weeks ago

This would be going on and people would still be like “yeah but why can’t I go outside, it’s only ice from space”

by JJloManning 1 weeks ago

Movie : Greenland is the safest country

Plague Inc Player : I see you're a man of culture as well

by anon 1642 1 weeks ago

This movie: How about comet apocalypse, eh?
July: Write that down, write that down!

by Co rré 1 weeks ago

America : this movie exist
2020: based on true story

by Pritam Dhal 1 weeks ago

Strange times folks, news is delivered via movies these days.

by Rahul Dev 1 weeks ago

This isn't a trailer for a movie.
This is the trailer for next week.

by Gabriele 2 weeks ago

"C'mon, 2020 can't get any worse"

God: Say sike right now

by Firuz Majid 1 weeks ago

People in Greenland be like: roses are red.
Violets are blue.
I am 4 parallel universes ahead of you.

by Daniel Gao 1 weeks ago

The fact that this scenario is realistic and can enter at everytime literally scares me. :<

by JaMRocKs 3 days ago

the NWO gov is showing us how what to do during catastrophes, do exactly the opposite

by Interesting Things 1 weeks ago

Everyone: finally june is over

by Ja Crispy007 2 weeks ago

When the trailer is basically the whole movie: Well that was a good movie.

by Valkier Kato 1 weeks ago

Olympus Has Fallen London Has Fallen Angel Has Fallen 2020: Comet Has Fallen Damn, Gerard Butler couldn't catch a break

by abbsnn cose 1 weeks ago

Producer: Let's wait for the end of the year to present it, so we will have more ideas for the film.

2020: No. Hurry up men, I have a humanity to extinguish

by Opina 1 weeks ago

The World: Is literally facing a global pandemic
Hollywood: Hey, you know what would be great right now? A World-Ending Disaster movie!

by WarriorBazooka 2 days ago

Why they gotta say “Coming Soon”? This isn’t the year for that nonsense.

by Wesley 2 weeks ago

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