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2067 Trailer (2020)

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Trailer for 2067

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FilmSelect Trailer photo 1 2067 Trailer (2020) FilmSelect Trailer photo 2 2067 Trailer (2020) FilmSelect Trailer photo 3 2067 Trailer (2020) FilmSelect Trailer photo 4 2067 Trailer (2020)

Got a feeling that the trailers going to be better than the movie

by B.Roberts 2 weeks ago

I don't get why they would put the trailer out for a movie that doesn't come out until 2067???

by Joseph Railberg 1 day ago

2067: Set in a world with an oxygen supply crisis.

Me: Well setting fires isn't gonna help.

by sageaps 1 day ago

unfortunately I might not be alive by the year he saves the world. For anyone born in 2067, 2020 sucks. What a terrible year.

by Fred 2 days ago

So does it mean TikTok no more?

Bring me there.

by Arvid abjørn 1 day ago

The main guy looks like he can hardly even survive covid-19, much less the future.

by Hecticam 2 weeks ago

Arent you guys tired hearing a single character saying "Im gunna save the weurld!"...

by Fauzan Hanif 1 week ago

Let me guess: he will not be able to change the future and he sent the message to himself.

by John McClane 2 weeks ago

At the end, they reveal the message was just one of the technicians messing with them using | echo "Send Ethan Whyte".

by Benjamin 2 days ago

2020: "I bet they'll have flying cars and time travel in the future!"
2067: "Hey Henry the neighboring clan just took some of our rations we had saved from Old America, should we slaughter them all?"

by Raskalnikov 1 day ago

I'm sorry, I just can't handle his prepubscent moustache.

by Sergio Briceño 2 days ago

The acting is already bad even in the trailer.

by D C 2 weeks ago

the invisible force that bind us together is Midi-chlorians XD

by sabaton liam 1 week ago

Meanwhile someone In 2067:
wHo gOT tHiS reCoMmendEd?? ?

by Commonman 2 weeks ago

Imagine if the person from the future sent the wrong message:

Send n̶u̶d̶e̶s̶ Ethan Whyte

by Jian Wei Ooi 2 weeks ago

Did anyone else read “Send Ethan Hunt” at first?

by Kevin Golden 2 weeks ago

trailer: imagine we are all connected by the very fabric of the universe
Minecraft players: now that's a sentence I haven't heard since...

by pedroBR games 1 day ago

"Last year I had 20 kids in my class...this year I have 12" she must be really upset some kids dropped out.

by Kino Dizzle 4 days ago

See you in 2067 when this gets recommended by the algorithm.

by iSm1lez 2 weeks ago

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