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Da Baby - 21 BTS (DaBaby gets confronted by East Atlanta thugs and handles them) IG: @FilmPlugTV

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Watch how DaBaby reacts to a couple of thugs confront him about shooting a video in “my hood”. We couldn’t make this up!

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“This my city”

—the guy who literally owns no property in that city

by DerrickM 9 months ago

That was the sorriest looking group of thugs I’ve ever seen

by hitman L 1 month ago

"The biggest threat to the successful black man is the jealous black man"

by cm Caution 1 month ago

That guy should stop running the city, and start running himself. Yk cardio.

by Abhishek Choudhary 7 months ago

Its crazy cause Da Baby was mad cool when they came like he was gonna let them chill and be in the video, until those bums tried to start shit

by Count Macula 6 months ago

and they saying it's the white man that I should fear but it's my own kind doing all the killing here (2pac)

by Jeffery Knox 1 year ago

He never walked towards them, raised his voice or did anything confrontational or disrespectful. Honestly i think we gotta learn from this DaBaby owned them with respect they didn’t even deserve.

by Jehonatan Alvarez 4 months ago

The girl went to the room like “I’m not bout to die in the hood, I’m not even from around here”😂😂

by Ernest Andoh 5 months ago

random guy: you need permission slip
DaBaby: No.
random guy: Understandable, have a great day.

by BigWeeWees 6 months ago

That girl went inside like "I'm out"

by javiii916 E 6 months ago

The kids probably went and told they friends dababy was in town..and the friends Loser ass big brother decided to be nosey and tried to play hard as if it was his hood lol 😂, ended up getting embarrassed lmao

by Joseph Cain 1 year ago

Random fat dude eating a bowl of cereal on the lawn: “this my city”
Random fat dude eating a bowl of cereal on the lawn: owns literally no land in the city

by Matthew Torres 7 months ago

She got scared real quick & the whole squad freezed up but dababy was tough.

by STAN.P channel 5 months ago

Imagine if the model went inside and came out with a big ass gun. Started busting

by Zabu Koii 1 month ago

Baby stood his ground, didn’t back down and he didn’t seem scared at all. Legend.

by Hugh Edgar 1 week ago

He stood his ground n didnt Even stutter, i got more respect for him n dont Even know the dude

by avon barksdale 1 year ago

This isn't being tough, it's called being a man and living by principles. There's a certain way you handle things, dababy had to let them know.

by bigspliff56 2 months ago

Dababy literally has killed someone and they're trying shit lol

by Qwerty Zxcvbn 6 months ago

I bet he went home and typed in “da baby” 😭😭

by Ant_ 438 2 weeks ago

“This is my city”
Doesnt pay taxes

by Cayden 4 weeks ago

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