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Max Holloway vs Dustin Porier Highlights (1080p)

Fight MMA photo 1 Max Holloway vs Dustin Porier... Fight MMA photo 2 Max Holloway vs Dustin Porier... Fight MMA photo 3 Max Holloway vs Dustin Porier... Fight MMA photo 4 Max Holloway vs Dustin Porier...

here after I saw a meme of this titled “Dustin fighting like his family is being held hostage”

by Spencer Bradley 1 month ago

Watching Max lose is just like watching Tony lose, soo heartbreaking. But well deserved win for Dustin and Justin. These incredible man is true Warriors.

by George GSP St. Pierre 10 months ago

Crazy max has had 27 fights. And has never been dropped . Lmfaoaoo talk about a obsidian chin

by FunkyJosiah 8 months ago

Theres no shame lose to man like dustin.. True warrior, true sportman... Respect

by Mr. Nas 10 months ago

Max seriously has an Iron Chin. Mfer got brutal shots but stood like a mountain

by Gaurav Kumar 10 months ago

Still remember a beat up Max in his corner saying, "He's blocking weird. Hard to hit"

by Alex Rush 3 months ago

Max is small for dustin, his puches had little effect on dustin.
But he has an amazing chin, takes heart to be beat up and still move forward.

by Laxminarayan Singh 1 month ago

Si esa pelea fue INCREÍBLE DOS grandes de las artes marciales mixtas 😎👏

by king ronald 10 months ago

Could you ever imagine Conor being tough enough to be in a true war like this? He crumpled to Poirier in the last fight.

by NooDLES411911 1 day ago

Max Holloway. The best fighter with Great sportsmanship and respect.

by Rusmar Dondon 10 months ago

Max - I’ma fight like a million dollars are on the line.
Dustin - I’ma fight like my life depends on it....

by 420Devil Dog 1 day ago

I feel like I have a concussion just watching this highlight reel

by Dan Ho 3 days ago

Dustin started getting tired af cause he was like "is you going down or not bro"

by Thiefin Thenight 3 months ago

Max got hurt so many times but still had Porier wrestling in round 4 and 5

by notorious fargo 3 weeks ago

According to Max,”He’s defending weird”. And I watched through out this fight and every time Max threw punches,Diamond is defending with his elbows so Max either connects or he is punching the pointy end of elbows. But Max stood his ground. Diamond did a fantastic job.

by stephen lyan 3 days ago

I respect the hell outta fighters like these who fight with passion. Meeting in the middle of the ring and throwing down, which is probably not the smartest thing to do if you wanna win, but dammit they just love the fight! Hats off always to these two warriors, and a shoutout to my man Tony Ferguson as well.

by Craig Seguin-Rivera 2 days ago

Dustin surprised and impressed me at the same time in this fight. He's a true warrior .

by Ahamed M.H.A 9 months ago

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