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NIGHT of the CONSUMERS! I found a Lost Baby & Got Fired for it! (FGTeeV vs. Scary Shopping Game)

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This is one of the most terrifyingly INTENSE games I've played in a LONG TIME! A ton of Shoopers are waiting for me to open the store BUT THEY ARE INSANE! Thumbs up if you laughed or got scared!.
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ABOUT FGTEEV, FGTeeV is a Gaming Channel that plays hilariously fun and scary games! Duddz is the main gamer and sometimes he brings his family in for a more dynamic gameplay! His family includes his wife "Moomy", Chase, Mike, Lex & Shawn! Thanks for checking us out.

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FGTeeV photo 1 NIGHT of the CONSUMERS! ... FGTeeV photo 2 NIGHT of the CONSUMERS! ... FGTeeV photo 3 NIGHT of the CONSUMERS! ... FGTeeV photo 4 NIGHT of the CONSUMERS! ...

l have to tell something Mr p only created 7 potions but he only infected 7 people but it has gone like a zombie but who infected them all but there 2 secret skins you have to rob the mall so you can get the polar bear skin bu the rather one is hard you have search paper to get it bu l don't know how many papers

by truphy manguro 3 weeks ago

FG TV if you’re inside the general and someone wants to get you then just quickly going to the general not gonna get you

by ulises vera 2 weeks ago

Me: Wait, If it is called germfood then there is germs on the food o-o

by Cotton Candy Dreams 2 weeks ago

I was here since 1m when i wasn't signed into yt

by Taco Amigos! 3 weeks ago

Christopherthegodoo is my username fgteev or Meowmeowcatcater I am the biggest fan of you

by Iris Zavala 3 weeks ago

Play this game on your iPad called jurassic world alive and Jurassic park the game

by jatinder singh 3 weeks ago

I remember when this use to be about the kids and not just the dad.

by David Pedraza 3 weeks ago

On your ps4 play this game called jurassic world evolution

by jatinder singh 3 weeks ago

You know that u can from a customer when their chasing u in the closet

by 24 Vox 2 weeks ago

I wish u have part 3 of bee swarm like it u want them to do part 3too

by Kayla Xu 3 weeks ago

you know how chase useto take off his head phones when he played sisster location now shaw does it too

by bagex 2242 3 weeks ago

Tip: if A customer coming after you go to staff only

by Gamer X 3 weeks ago

the plock from spongebob,'we shall never deny a guest even the mos ridiculous request'

by Eddie O'Neill 2 weeks ago

can you please play jerry it updates it is floors two now ❤️😅 edit: i think I watch this like 3 time idk why😅 edit again: i found a game that you can play but it look like piggy here the name for roblox game ( freggy ) not froggy <---- idk what to say)

by Tuyen truong 3 weeks ago

The part where the guy throws up makes me laugh every time

by Supergojay 20 hours ago

I love it when you bring your whole family in to play so I’m thinking you should play like with everybody in your family we have names and then and then I’m you guys pick them out and then there’s the peoples names then you buy the food for them and then whatever like the color they have that’s what you have to pick

by Joseph Meeks 2 weeks ago

If u go to the room with the crack get a box and brake it and there is a secret room and
Lester was in there for 90 months!!

by iamSandy Lena & Sandy Vlog 1 week ago

Don’t worry. All of the customers are just Karen’s.

In that case, R U N .

by Bif Animation 2 weeks ago

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