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LSU vs Alabama 2019 Full Game

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Every time I watch this game, LSU WINS!!!

by Kt Haynes 11 months ago

LSUโ€™s 2019 defense may have had its issues. But every single one of the starters on that defense is on a nfl team now

by Eric Teutsch 3 days ago

That intro made me tear up. I miss college football so much. I want nothing more than it to be back this Fall.

by Chris Moore 9 months ago

After the last snap, Burrow handed the ball to #22. Class!

by eve aio 6 months ago

My dad always loved watching LSU. He would have enjoyed this game. Great plays. Fast players. High drama. Miss u dad. Wish u were here with me.

by Mark&Nan 9 months ago

Bama fans experiencing loss to LSU is best thing Iโ€™ve ever seen! Those faces are priceless and I know exactly how they feel inside too haha. ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜‚

by lsuronak1992 1 month ago

Thank you for uploading this game during this time of no sports

by Crystal Jones 6 months ago

You got the feeling that LSU was coming after Bama in this game. They would have played any team, anywhere this season and Alabama kinda just got caught in the destruction.

by Vivian Lopez 5 months ago

Joe burrow made me a football fan! Kids a damn beast!

by Bryant Needham 9 months ago

- listen to sabanโ€Oh heโ€™s fineโ€

by Flub Vex 4 months ago

The two best games last year for me was LSU vs Alabama and Clemson vs Ohio state but out of those two the LSU vs Alabama game was so entertaining

by james chavis 5 months ago

the smoothest toss to the ref ever ๐Ÿ˜Ž

by GiDD 2 months ago

I could watch this all day...everyday.

by Alton Riggs 11 months ago

"It's gone from tanking for Tua to bombing for Burrough"-Gary Danielson
Now it's "Tanking for Trevor"-yours truly

by Corey T 5 months ago

Wow this game was amazing!!! So many nfl players on both sides. If only Tua was healthy

by Vince Duarte 1 month ago

If they cancel football due to covid ( I hope not), the only bright side is LSU being the reigning National Champion's for 2 years....lol

by James Hartley 10 months ago

The amount of 1st round Talent in this game is insane

by 100 Raccs 5 days ago

There were so many great plays made in this game....It was a pleasure to watch these two great teams compete.

by J Fred Knobloch 8 months ago

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