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HIGHLIGHTS | Barça 2-3 Athletic Club | Spanish Super Cup Final

FC Barcelona photo 1 HIGHLIGHTS | Barça 2-3 Athletic... FC Barcelona photo 2 HIGHLIGHTS | Barça 2-3 Athletic... FC Barcelona photo 3 HIGHLIGHTS | Barça 2-3 Athletic... FC Barcelona photo 4 HIGHLIGHTS | Barça 2-3 Athletic...

Referee has so much respect from messi that he show's the red card to Jordi Alba

by ae123 1 month ago

Barcelona's defense is a perfect example of social distancing

by Rithvik Koppula 1 month ago

bro i hate it when griezmann is getting in such a good form, hes finally playing well for barcelona but we lose and his morale is down there

by Ty 1 month ago

I feel so bad for griezmann cause imagine the confidence he would have got if he had won the cup for Barca

by Mostafa Elattar 1 month ago

Griezmann was the only one that tried, really.

by Emperor V 1 month ago


by Oreo 1 month ago

Messi: Gets red card

Ramos: You have finally done it 👏, son.

by Himanshu Rajdev 1 month ago

When Griezmann is a better defender than most of the defenders for Barca

by FarGo 123 1 month ago

when barça's defenders have the ball my whole body is shaking

by Lucia Duca 1 month ago

Messi has quality and technique with this punch. Even Mike Tyson is afraid of him 👊💥🤕 🤣

by Ramzi 1 month ago

I miss the luis enrique and pep’s Barcelona those days😔

by Kaihan Gaming 1 month ago

Athletic club deserved it for their persistance. Congrats

by Wilbur Hein 1 month ago

Bilbao played so well. And what a tremendous goal from Williams!
Everybody speaking about Barca playing so bad. But you've to see how good Bilbao did.
Aupa el Athletic!

by Eneas Ugalde 1 month ago

Le troisième but est magique !!

by JReyzs 1 month ago

Messi should’ve slapped jordi alba instead.🤦‍♂️

by aditya garg 1 month ago

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