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The NEW RYTEC AMR .50CAL fires EXPLOSIVE ROUNDS and I couldn't be happier

FaZe Jev photo 1 The NEW RYTEC AMR .50CAL... FaZe Jev photo 2 The NEW RYTEC AMR .50CAL... FaZe Jev photo 3 The NEW RYTEC AMR .50CAL... FaZe Jev photo 4 The NEW RYTEC AMR .50CAL...

I can’t believe he has a smile on his face

by Dabose121 1 weeks ago


Jev: So I did some off camera grinding and maxed out the sniper

by joe ma ma 1 weeks ago

This guy is the only YouTuber who stick to his roots. We still get stories, we still get rages, and if you remember his first ever video, he said he wanted to just be himself and make content on call of duty. Literally my favourite youtuber

by Sonorous Official 1 weeks ago

Challenge Accepted: Bring back the “Do Something” outro for at least one video.

by JerryNova 1 weeks ago

The Rytec AMR is a two shot kill with Thermite rounds in Warzone (in the chest/stomach). The thermite rounds first shot breaks armor and it slowly lowers their health, but its a slow burn. Every enemy I shot at with the first shot, fires back at me and I can never tell if One single Thermite round will burn them and finish them off because its just so slow and with SBMM the enemies can easily kill me If i just watch lol. I have gotten killed by the HE Grenande at about 40m and I swear it was a one shot to the chest..

by LZONE4 1 weeks ago

We’re just glad to see you finally enjoying this game

by Call me Taters 1 weeks ago

I just love how this comment section is so positive about how Jev is happy and isn’t getting mad. Good job everyone let’s keep this up for everyone. 😁👍

by spellboy swellboy 1 weeks ago

Day 12 of saying “i love you jev” until he responds

by superbaby 1738 1 weeks ago

“I couldn’t be happier” until we get 12 broken controllers by tomorrow...

by Cade McConnell 1 weeks ago

For anyone who hasn’t got it yet you can literally quickscope 3 people and leave the game and it counts towards the challenge. It’s much faster

by Jaden Keppel 1 weeks ago

I’m just waiting to see the title for tomorrow’s video. “I got Damascus and obsidian for the new sniper!”

by Jacob Martin 1 weeks ago

Jev: is actually happy for once
Me: tears up

by Absurd Talk 1 weeks ago

"Everyone is gonna be trying to snipe"

Yeah right, all I got were people abusing the mounting with lmgs or people running the vector because they knew people who dont snipe would be trying to snipe. It was bullshit.

by The sexy Patrick Star 1 weeks ago

So jev decided to zoom in on the small image of Roze instead of the big one in the background

by Nigel ThornBerry 1 weeks ago

I was low key expecting a “ we waited 8 months for a sniper that shoots flaming rice crispies”

by Ben 1 weeks ago

Warzone free to play players: pls stop using those explosive rounds
MP players who unlocked the .50 cal: hehe bullets go boom

by vigs 1 weeks ago

You are the first American I have heard say “Cheshire park” correctly!

by krookedskater87 1 weeks ago

i was playing shoot the ship and someone’s gamertag was requis and i suddenly thought of jev

by Sean Alvarez 1 weeks ago

H-he didn’t rage... has he finally found happiness in this game

by SanitySouls 1 weeks ago

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