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FaZe Jev photo 1 I made the SLOWEST RYTEC... FaZe Jev photo 2 I made the SLOWEST RYTEC... FaZe Jev photo 3 I made the SLOWEST RYTEC... FaZe Jev photo 4 I made the SLOWEST RYTEC...

Challenge accepted: Start a live stream and it don’t end till you get a nuke

Edit: btw you apparently gotta make me a mod for that stream cause @E said so 😳

by Case go boom like kermit 1 months ago

Challenge accepted: go overkill with these on S H I P M E N T

by Azaan Asad 1 months ago

There’s actually a Kilo class that’s slower than that: Monolithic suppressor, 19.8” prowler barrel, variable zoom scope, ranger foregrip, and 100 round mags. I literally died laughing when I discovered this.

by Merlin LeDuc 1 months ago

Imagine a "quickscope" lobby with that ADS speed.

by l ROMANO l 1 months ago

jev: i unlocked the obsidain rytec amr in less than 2 days

me: its been 7 months and i finally unlocked the gold mp7

by Dr. Grape 1 months ago

Challenge accepted: use the jokr and riot shield combo in snd

by La Flame 1 months ago

Challenge accepted: Play the WAW campaign mission "heart of the reich" on Veteran difficultly until you complete it

by Rodavan Milosevic 1 months ago

Challenge accepted: delete every comment that starts with “challenge accepted”

by bini 28 1 months ago

Alls I can say is thanks jev you’ve helped me get through these past few weeks, being made redundant has had a massive impact on my mental health, n I see your videos as an escape from that pain, what I’m trying to say is ur a big part of some people’s day(mine)

by JJBgamertag 1 months ago

I genuinely thought he slowed the recording down

by SnipFred 1 months ago

Best assassin sniper ever.
Picture this:
You’re sitting in the top floor of a hotel, waiting for the right time to strike the president...
Finally you take the shot. Then, you put your gun in your case, leave the room, leave the hotel, then you finally see him die after 10 minutes of bullet travel 😂

by Mister Sleepyhead 1 months ago

Faze clan back then: esport pros that are amazing players
Faze clan now: "so i made the slowest worst sniper u an get in the game"

by ᴅʀᴇᴀᴍ 4 weeks ago

Challenge Accepted: go on random class generator and use the given class in SnD... bet you won’t

by Chewie 1 months ago

Jev: “This is easily the slowest thing in the game.”
Bruen Mk9: laughs in sumo wrestler

by Herribeater 1 months ago

Challenge Accepted:Use the slowest version of the Rytec Amr on shipment without raging

by Roly Poly 1 months ago

Challenge accepted: Play warzone, but with only a riot shied and sticks

by AlphaStrike545 1 months ago

When you scoped In with that rytec it felt like living alone and coming home to a warm toilet seat

by Im Theillest 1 months ago

All I can think of is “Rytec asmr amr” lmao

by Logan 05 1 months ago

I’m going to try to make this, I’ll let you know if I survive.

by ConnorTY 1 months ago

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