2 months ago
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I get called an AIMBOT every time I use this gun in MODERN WARFARE

FaZe Jev photo 1 I get called an AIMBOT... FaZe Jev photo 2 I get called an AIMBOT... FaZe Jev photo 3 I get called an AIMBOT... FaZe Jev photo 4 I get called an AIMBOT...

I love how jev actually trash talks back sometimes it’s so funny

by Xander Mathis 3 months ago

I want a compilation of Jev and other mic users yelling at each other. That would be the funniest shit

by Task Force 141 3 months ago

them: knows jev is sitting there with snakeshot

also them: runs straight into him

by reisdro 3 months ago

“I’m ready for obsidian” - Famous last words

by Theo mclean 2 months ago

There's no better feeling than being called a hacker when you're not hacking. They unknowingly compliment you.

by Drunk Dog 3 months ago

“Jev is the worst faze member, he’s garbage”

by Daniel Nunn 3 months ago

Watching Jev saying “I can’t wait for obsidian” is just pure irony after watching the toll obsidian is taking on Jev

by La'akea Swagerty 3 weeks ago

jev is the only faze member i've continued to watch for years as he's the only one who's stuck to cod and is still and a amazing player definitely the best faze cod player atm

by Matty Cain 3 months ago

Infinity Ward: the hdr is too strong and has good one shot potential, so let’s make it dirt slow.

Also IW: oh yeah, and here’s the mk2.

by LastHeat 3 months ago

We need more Jev talking shit on mic clips. Please. I love hearing people get mad about somebody else using the same exact weapon as them lmao

by YOU'RE OUT OF RAMEN!? 3 months ago

people in-game when they get killed by Jev: Hacker

Me: damn he just got a better gaming chair

by Devan Desai 3 months ago

Jev challenge accepted: Play ufc as a women on hard difficulty

by Tarszy 3 months ago

When you watch jev play and it makes you actually want to play cod

by coldHeatwave 21 3 months ago

Funny how they talk trash about you using akimbos when almost their whole team was using it💀

by Im Joma 3 months ago

My phone is lagging cuz he is moving to fast but the enemy got SHIT ON

by Jeff Wiggum 3 days ago

“He’s using aimbot” they saw him miss shots

by Mark Foley 3 months ago

Love how the dude was using snake shots all game but started crying when he was getting shit on by them

by SnipFred 3 months ago

We need a shirt that just has the words "indigestion" and jev should make a video were ppl are just straight talking shit

by Darth Revan210 3 months ago

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