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Reporters Asking NBA Players Stupid Questions

A compilation of reporters asking NBA players stupid questions with some hilarious reactions and responses from players such as Russell Westbrook (duh), Stephen Curry, Chris Paul, LeBron James, Kevin Durant and more.
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by FanaticMixes 10 months ago

I like how they all take a moment to process the stupidity

by khxlia khxlia 1 year ago

NBA reporters, “what colour is your favourite word?”

by Hollow 3 months ago

noooo kyrie’s face when he realized his first interpretation of the reporter’s question was right 😭😭

by Habso 2 months ago

Shaq: “No I Will With Your Wife”

Reporter: “thank you shaq”

by ToxicFear 4 months ago

NBA reporters be like:
5 minutes and 34 seconds in the 3rd quarter, Your right right moved 6.4 centimeters up, were you signaling to an African lion, or were you just stretching.

by Mr. Obtuse 4 months ago

Bruh these reporters are like “Do you think the gravitational pull of the moon on the oceans affects your performance?”

by Akihiko Chimon 1 year ago

“Lebron, Mark Schwartz ESPN, Lebron are you black?”

by Daryl Mangampo 2 months ago

I love the way Draymond responds with such maturity. He's a great leader.

by Herve Musangwa 2 months ago

I think we can all agree that Russ and Lebron had the best answers

by Oratile Ralepeli 3 months ago

seriously what was cp3 supposed to say?

Chris: nah we suck 😂

by LucidPxrpp 2 months ago

no one:
nba reporters: on a scale of 1/10, what year were you born?

by Pigeon 10 months ago

No one:

NBA reporters: “Does your haircut affect your gameplay at all?”

by Mosuss 4 months ago

lebrons worst nightmares:

-warriors with kd
-no taco tuesday
-mark schwartz espn

by danyalwastaken 1 month ago

“Did you know if he knew the score?”
Leborn James: I’m out

by Fozzy O 3 months ago

“did you know j.r’s state of mind during that play”
“did you talk to him after the game to see his state of mind”
“did he know the score”

by Kodaa 3 months ago


nba reporters: “how old is your favourite colour?”

by Shah Kabir 9 months ago

The Russell Westbrook one always gets me 😆 🤣

by Robert Malik 2 months ago

The three words no one wants to hear

"Mark Schwartz ESPN"

by BlueAnimule 1 month ago

NBA reporters: Curry what is your favorite color of the alphabet, true or false. And how did this affect your exam in 3rd grade?

by Gav H 4 months ago

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