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Meeting My Ex Girlfriend After 1 Year..

FamilyGum photo 1 Meeting My Ex Girlfriend After... FamilyGum photo 2 Meeting My Ex Girlfriend After... FamilyGum photo 3 Meeting My Ex Girlfriend After... FamilyGum photo 4 Meeting My Ex Girlfriend After...

you know she woke up in the apartment, actin like she visited him again 🤣

by Whoods 1 month ago

The way she looks and touches him say's everything bruv

by G n 4 weeks ago

Upload bro

by Brani 4 weeks ago

Upload coach

by Brani 3 weeks ago

at this point I kinda like her

by Tink Cool 1 month ago

The way she was looking at him you know the vibes she was missing him and still loves you

by It's Cholito 4 weeks ago

People who hated on Abby when they broke gonna come back like “omg I missed her”

by EhmforMori 4 weeks ago

I like her now shes soooo chill and real about everthing

by APA vane 1 month ago

Bruh why is there so much sexual tension between them hahs

by MemeMeepGi 3 weeks ago

rice gum just pulls all the baddies

by qtclaps 1 month ago

Abby looks like she wants to get back together with rice

that laugh just made me think that she’s not over rice yet

by Student Lucas Zhou 4 weeks ago

why can’t I have a girl like this. Pain.

by Seuvs 1 month ago

I think she actually still likes him or has feelings for him. Hope they get back together

by Tina Phan 2 weeks ago

Don’t let this take away from the fact that rice used to sleep on the floor

by oJeko 1 month ago

Bruh her vibes are so calm and chill gg

by Brani 1 month ago

Abby is so damn sweet and caring. She's the type of girl every guy wants.

by SteelShield21 3 weeks ago

They’re so cute... wtf we’re actually just Rice minions, if he likes someone then we like her too and if he hates her we feel the same lmao

by abbsnn cose 3 weeks ago

You know he actually doesn’t know how to change his pfp bc his main channel pfp hasn’t changed 💀

by Adreana Rodriguez 1 month ago

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