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Protests outside NYC City Hall, clashes with police

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Protesters clashed briefly with NYPD officers outside NYC City Hall just before 6 a.m.
An Eyewitness News camera showed police in riot gear pushing the protesters to back.
The protesters have been camping out for about a week, calling for the city to defund police.
Updates: https://abc7ny.com/live-%7C-protests-outside-ny-city-hall-on-day-of-nypd-budget-vote/6283728/
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Eyewitness News ABC7NY photo 1 Protests outside NYC City Hall,... Eyewitness News ABC7NY photo 2 Protests outside NYC City Hall,... Eyewitness News ABC7NY photo 3 Protests outside NYC City Hall,... Eyewitness News ABC7NY photo 4 Protests outside NYC City Hall,...

While protesting the need for police, they are clearly showing the reason why we need police in the first place.

by Jay Andrew 1 week ago

This really makes Trump look like the safe candidate and will bring the Silent Majority out in November. Leftwing nuts and the BLA , I meant BLM movement want to destroy the country.

by James Jones 1 week ago

Can someone tell me what they are protesting about? Is it about the fireworks or about police brutality?


Looks like a hippie gathering down there with kids smoking nothing else but weed. 😂

by PhantomMatrix 1 week ago

A really sparse crowd of protesters but the media will present it as tens of thousands of peaceful protesters

by chinko 1 week ago

Like chop in Seattle-when protestors show up at mayors house- he will tell police to clean up this mess at city hall 🤣🤣

by OH Yeh! 1 week ago

While they are out protesting, BLM has their $520 million in reparations from Soros, corporations and City of Seattle. If they snooze, they lose and the money will be gone.

by Staff Reporter 1 week ago

Remove their ⛺ tents , umbrellas and canopies .

by Chris Kelleher 1 week ago

It just look like a homeless encampment and police officer

by girlygamer 1 week ago

Well ... Nothing good in NYC. They’ve voted for their own demise

by Etienne LeMars 1 week ago

I've seen more people at our local VFD clambake.

by Marlin Williams 1 week ago

So kids cant go to school. But this is ok Liberal Lunatics

by Connie P leonard 1 week ago

Clickbait from a news source. What a shame

by Sean Sexton 1 week ago

And people want to defund the Police ...?? LMAO

by Russ 1 week ago

WOW what clashes

by And Me 1 week ago

Prepare for another COVID SPIKE! Oh no.. not because of these fine individuals. But from bars and Beaches..cough cough

by NewJerseyJay 1 week ago

So after days and days all the news outlets decided to concentrate on these protesters and send helicopters in the early morning?

by adam b 1 week ago

I am Criswell and I come to you from 2019 with some predictions of the future..... Riots make Americans sympathize with criminal rioters... police budgets get cut... social workers fill in... social workers get shot... crime goes up... no young people want to be police.... politicians get desperate... taxes go up... BLM gets labeled a terrorist organization... police budgets have to go way up to hire new young people to be police... every Democrat in the country gets arrested... I see this aaaallll by the end of 2021. Criswell has spoken.

by Mox Avenger 1 week ago

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